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By Master of Nunn, Aug 14 2018 08:50PM

For people that hav never been to Lindos it is probably one of the most romance for a loving couple. I was with three mates sharing one room and sleeping on the unique to Lindos bed i.e. mattress. But that is my only moan Lindos is an hour by cab from the airport & Rhodes town the capital of yes, Rhodes island. Lindos is a fairly large village probaby the size of a large Cornish village and it is CAR LESS if you don't want to travel along the village cobbled streets you can hire one of about 150 donkeys and it is known as the Donkey village. Famous for it's LIndos beds and Acropolis (which is 100 years older than the one in Athens). The beaches are really nice and shallow, the people are very nice and proud of this part of Rhodes and of a night there is nothing better than to dine on one of the many roof top restaurant looking at the lighted acropolis or the night sky which at the time showed Mars and Venus. The nightlife is fairly lively and their is a nightclub just outside the main village.


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