Master of Nunn (MoN)

Personal Notebook

a quick reference guide for MoN.

Health then Fitness


Make sure you  are healthy and consult a Doctor before beginning a fitness regime.


+ Weight Loss = 80% Calorie intake and only 20% Exercise

+ Male 2500 kcal & Female 2000 kcal recommended per day to maintain weight

Calories as above per day - (Calories taken + Calories burnt) = If > above Then Weight Gain


Average calories burnt in 10 mins

Brisk walking 60;

Cleaning 40;

Dancing 50;

Football 100:

Gardening 55

Golf 45;

Light Biking 70;

Moderate Weight Lifting 35

Jogging 80;

Running 90;

Raquetball 110;

Skiing 101;

Swimming 150;

Tai Chi 45;

Walking Upstairs 135;

Yoga 45;

Basically most 10 min activities will not even burn off a cup of coffee


My Standard Daily Calorie intake 

1 tea with semi skimmed milk = 12

2 Canderel sweeteners = 0

1 bowl Porridge with water = 142

Sugar to taste = 8

2 coffees 72 x 2 = 144

4 Canderel sweeteners = 0

Water = 0




My Standard Variable Calorie intake

Alternative Breakfast

Crumpet 98

Large egg 74

Bacon sandwich 280

Weetbix x2 = 176

Sample Lunch

Eg Sandwich Wholemeal bread 200 + 2 slices of Ham 40 = 240

As above + Tuna in water 100 Mayonnaise 70 no butter = 370

White Submarine roll 290 + above = 460

Egg Large 74


Dinner time (could be anything)

Big Mac Meal with large fries 1440

KFC box 970

Beef stir fry Home made 267

Breaded chunky cod fillets 398

Diet Thai curry 375

Chicken breast 97


My Extras Variable Calorie intake (the weight gainers)

Elevenses, mid-afternoon or Snack 1,Snack 2,Snack 3,etc

Hot cross bun 200

Grapes 288

Strawberries 195

Clementine 27

Orange juice 132

Red wine 90

Rice cake 26

Apple Pink Lady 45

Hot chocolate 160

Cottage cheese with pineapple 312


My Variable Calorie burn


A Daily Routine


*On waking up, stretch just like a cat would on waking

*Whilst in bed mediate in the Yoga Corpse pose for 5 mins

*Whilst in Corpse position think mindfully todays plan - add to Smartphone calendar/diary/To do list

HIGH INTENSE exercise for 30 mins is better and gives a better ‘after burn’ (especially for men) rather than a slower Gym type session that takes longer.

*Exercise - Mix & Match


Tai Chi

Press ups

Sit ups

Light Weights 2Kg

Run on spot for 5/10 minutes whilst waiting for timer/kettle/microwave/oven clock to produce your breakfast

*Eating your breakfast (see porridge above) within 30/40 minutes of getting up as this increases the metabolism

Breakfast non fattening e.g. Oats with water, Peppermint tea, Filtered water (see above)

*Vitamin pills

*Shower, Teeth, Floss, Hair, Moisturise (Vaseline cheapest)

Think, can I save time & money by exercising at home rather than travelling to gym?

*Gym - Always Weights unless injured, Repetition of lighter weights is better for fitness than one major set of heavy weights.

* Mix & Match (be careful not to use the same muscles each day but vary) try Rower, Treadmill, Cross trainer, Steppers, Biker

*Non Gym activities again Mix & Match - Brisk walk, Bike riding, Swimming, Dancing, Tennis, Racquetball, Golf, Golf Range, Kick Football around park, Walk 10,000 steps.

* If you wish to run or train for a charity run, start gently i.e.

20 min session - Day 1 Run 1 minute Walk 1 minute

3 Run 2 minutes Walk 2 minutes

5 Run 3 minutes Walk 3 minutes


Once you feel confident increase session time and/or reduce intervals

Exercises in the cold lose more calories

* Always do some form of exercise unless already doing a sporting. Lazing around will leave the fat cells to solidify. Buy a FIT watch that prods you every hour to get up and walk at least 250 steps.

*Try to keep on the move. Don't watch the kettle boil - jog on the spot until it clicks off (they say 3 mins fast on the spot jogging is all you need for weight loss). Empty the dishwasher by taking items out one by one and putting away. Make several trips up and down stairs if you want to be really fit, great for the lungs.


Mindfulness with reference to the above Yoga meditation and Mindfulness there is a difference - both are trying to clear the brain of useless interruptions of thought (the Chimp paradox as some call it), imagine an irritating voice talking in your ear and hence a quiet space is best to practice.

However - Yoga meditation you are trying to block out that irritant and obtain a relaxed state of mind & peace (remember if you are thinking about relaxing then you are not relaxing, yoga sessions can go overtime because you are in another state of mind) Mindfulness you still trying to block out that irritant but you are aware of your surrounding and not just on auto pilot or daydreaming. You realise that you are on this planet and it is just like someone clicking their fingers to say wake up from your day dreaming you are living in reality.


Use technology

I use various fitness apps that include pedometer, eye exercises, hearing, blood pressure, heart rate, psychology etc. Google Fit now a top FREE app with motivator and if Location is on, it can distinguish Run, Walk, Bike exercises

I use .MyFitnessPal app for monitoring my calories (can use barcode scanning) and you can set your target.

BMI Is a very simple measure of Body Mass Index but is a general guide. You should also take into account your bone structure, fat mass and muscle capacity


Interesting Health Tips

119 of extra calories you burn by halving your TV time even if still on the sofa

Double your testosterone levels by playing a competitive sport like tennis, bowling

Black Pudding gives extra iron, Vit B&E


Drink 500ml of water on waking boosts metabolism by 24% for 90 minutes

Adding a lemon or cucumber means you may drink double the amount


Good for the heart, cholesterol, libido, mood, blood pressure, absorbing toxins

4hr 21 mins a bowl of porridge will keep you full

171 cals with water 270 with skimmed milk

Sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

< 4 hours reduces stamina & endurance by 15-40%

>6.5 you are less likely to die prematurely

8 hours releases Growth Hormones

10 hours & Sprint time improves by 8%

12 hours possible 25-35% obese

Getting up between 5.22-7.21 a.m. increases stress hormones



Health Fitness