Master of Nunn (MoN)

Personal Notebook

a quick reference guide for MoN.


Get a Personal shopper at Seek and Find


But if you want to go shopping -

Get your bag, wallet, purse were going shopping - wrong

Get your computer were doing Research, Research, Research (3R's)

Firstly Research your Product then the Best Place to Buy

Best Review sites

+ Which magazine when buying high value equipment, their reviews tell you the Best to Buy. The highest priced item is not always the Best Value

+ Google Comparison sites e.g., Kelkoo,, etc

+ Local shop offers - Asda, sainsbury etc do still deals or manager sale of the week but don't spend all day eating up petrol costs

+ Don't forget Vouchers WOWoucher etc

+ Browsers Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge can give your price differences e.g. if you keep checking for a holiday in Crete certain sites will know that you are keen and up their price just for you - Go into settings and delete selected History & Cookies or use a VPN private browser to disguise your computer.

+ Price Match - John Lewis are famous for this and it works.

+ Haggle - Don't Ask Don't Get! but be reasonable, the trader has to make a living or commission as well.

+ Get a Credit Card on 0% Purchases for x months then Balance Transfer to another Credit Card (You have to monitor this carefully and also work out if suitable).

e.g. c.c. 0% purchases for 1 year including food etc say £1k a month = £12k BT (normally allowed 95% of loan but say 100% in this case) to another CC include set up fee normally 3% = £12360 to be paid off by x months (some provider are giving 40 months). You will need to set up a minimum payment Direct Debit and pay off the loan or arrange another BT before the due date say 36 months but you would have not paid 1k for 4 years, 2k for 47 months etc and that would be earning interest. also the c.c. provider does not normally take back 1/36th over the 3 years but 1% hence your minimum amount so low with a high end pay them back. Unfortunately at most current rates it is now a minimal exercise but consider for future again..  Ten years ago the Credit Card companies lent me a total of £55k with ease and with no fees and this paid for our annual holiday of £2k+ at the then bank rate of 4% - happy sunny days.


+Wait before you shop - ask yourself Do I really need it ???. Many people buy the latest item e.g. iPhone (queuing at an Apple store is famous) but I normally wait at least a month for all the bugs and teething problems to be corrected. I hate to buy something and then version 2 comes out within 6 months and is far superior.


I carry two lists and my personal lists at present are:-

If I see it and it is COMPARATIVELY cheap Buy it

9' log roll (homebase 13.98 for 6', wickes 14 for 6')

suitcase two drawer 16"wide, 11"deep, 6"high

13.5' curtains - lined

frame 75x50cm

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat shopping:-

Ear phones with zip - £2.99 (Mankind shop) as opposed to on a plane at £9.99

Eye Masks x 3 - cheap but elastic does not stretch (Ebay)

A4 Binder - comes with paper & 5 colour divider, so immediate start (£1and)

NU Notebook - 4 holed paper with perforated tear off strip (£1and) - Get thinner lines

Coir Compost - compressed £4 (Wilko)











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