Master of Nunn (MoN)

Personal Notebook

a quick reference guide for MoN.


Research, Research, Research - Read mags, ask friends include nerds, ask PC shop assistants then walk away and compare (see shopping page).& have a think.

Which PC or Laptop or Tablet or Combo or Phablet?

PC = static i.e. used at a desk or work station

Laptop = mobile and keyboard means you can rest on knees to type whilst watching TV

Tablet= have to hold so not as easy to type

Phablet as above but you have a Phone as an extra

Smartphone = as above but fits in pocket and most now have good cameras 15 Mp+

Suggest Compo Laptop/Tablet (e.g. Lenova Yoga) and Smartphone for accessiblity

If buying go for highest memory & processor possible in relation to your budget

Memory - What about Cloud Google GDrive has 15Gb free but OneDrive has reduced its Gb capacity unless you pay, Dropbox is small, and others charge. Also problem if network down, or no data or charge for data.

Operating System - Windows=Microsoft; Different names alphabethical now upto Lollipop = Android; IoS=Apple other OS available

Browsers - used to be Windows = I.E now Edge.; Android = Chrome but now they seem to share browser on different OS's

Software essentials for me

1. Security - Probably pre-loaded otherwise get immediately and include at least anti-virus, malware, spam filter etc. Popular Norton, McAfee, I use AVG which is free,

2. Word Processor

3. Spreadsheet

4. Presentation      

N.B. 2,3 &4 normally coming in one package e.g. MS Office have Word, Excel, Powerpoint but now mainly Cloud based so yearly fee. Andriod have Docs, Sheets etc but they are free and can automaically sync to the GDrive in the clouds so a form of back up. One Drive will also sync but seems a lot slower than Google

5. Voice Recognition - if you are a writer - Google Docs have a built in voice rec and very good. Dragon Speaking is a popular alternative package for under £100.

6. Photo editing - Photoshop is the master but expensive and a steep learning curve. GIMP is similar but free.

7. Family Tree - some packages are now online and cloud based so you are tied in and have a yearly subscription to pay.

The Back-up & Recovery of possible loses is important so make sure data goes to some form of cloud. As I write Google appear to be using a cloud to back up all your information.