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Just spent a day a Bexhill on Sea at the Vintage Revival which is on the sea front. It started off as a cold windy day but by 11.00 a.m. the sunny had come out and the wind acted as a cooling fan. It was easy to park the car on the sea front away from the main town and as I walked towards the pavilion I passed firstly a vintage car (see Instagram) then there were several stalls some selling antiques, bric-a-brac but mainly vintage items including superb quality clothes. I also came across a couple of friends selling their various hats which proved to be very successful in the sun. I then ventured towards the pavilion and came across a solo guy dressed as an Al Capone type singing some smooth swing tunes. Onward there was another band (pictured) that was blasting out Trad music much to the delight of the crowd and tearooms. More stalls selling mainly food and then onto the Great Gatsby enclosure were they charged a very reasonable £2 per ticket which lasts for the two days. Inside there were more stalls and a tent where you could see 1920s+ music and dancing. Many of the entertainers then paraded along the sea front and you did feel as though you were back in the roaring twenties but without the gangsters.

Bexhill itself is a delight, firstly you have the Art Deco Pavilion which apart from its design has a busy theatre, amazing bookshop and large eatery overlooking the sea. At present they are showing several exhibitions which are free. The town itself has some interesting shops including vintage and a mid 20th century shop (Acme Inc), nice tea places and restaurants are everywhere but perhaps there are too many shops that seem to sell second hand goods. Another excellent place to visit is the Old Bexhill Railway Station which is just outside the main town, this is now the home of an antique centre with several independent stalls, attached on the east side is an auction house and on the west side a nice vintage style tea room. With or without the revival Bexhill is a pleasant place to be.

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