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House then Home

House Home


You move into somebody’s HOUSE and you then you make it into your HOME



As previously mentioned on You Organise U, organise a HOME SNAG LIST & GARDEN SNAG LIST

Column 1 Put in order of Priority A1-A10, B1-10, C1.......upto E1-10

e.g. A1 Leaky roof and Low priority E6 Setup Family Tree

Column 2 Task e.g. A1 Leaky roof

Column 3 Tradesman e.g Roofer

Column 4 Start date (remember seasonal - a roofer will do a better job in the sun rather than the rainy periods - hopefully)

Column 5 Finish date or cross off.

Now sort spreadsheet by tradesman into groups - the roofer in to do an A1 job Leaky Roof and the D5 guttering job in the same session. Remember again tradesmen should, if poss, also be i.e. Don’t get the plasterer before the electrician traces the walls or the plasterer will be on double pay.

Remember if a tradesman does a good job tell him and guard his contact. I store all my contracts in an Address.xls spreadsheet then sort by Friend, School friends, Football contacts, Tradesmen etc so I can sort by these categories or even sub-categories like Roofer.



Again as above but with more emphasis on seasons and plants.

No point in painting the shed in December or planting vegetables in the frozen ground.

You could add to the SNAG LIST a Plant/Veg calendar with each row giving a plant and the column months showing when to sow, prune, reap, flowering times (which could be colour coded to the flower).

There are software programmes, magazines, programmes on What to do this month/week but most will not relate to your garden and I find the printed off spreadsheet in the back right hand pocket the best method



Daily cleans - toilets, surfaces etc

Weekly - refuse, oven, car

Fortnightly - cut grass when in season, fish tank

Monthly - windows, cupboards, dishwasher

Yearly - declutter/sell items


Well that's the hard work now enjoy yourself by buying for YOUR HOME but remember always compare prices - that sofa in x shop maybe cheaper in y shop or z on-line and the saving can buy that nice table (after you have compared that items as well of course)