My energy levels - HIGH period (Work) LOW (Mindless tasks, Rest, Eat or Power nap)

n.b. whichever energy level - Dump any new thoughts onto a piece of paper

Specific - you specify your task in a cell(s)

Measurable - relates to the number of half-hour cells allocated to the taask

Agreed - you would not have written it in

Realistic - hopefully you have allocated the right amount of cells to the task

Time - the number of cells you have assigned to the task - see below

Do not try to re-invent the wheel. Use established filing systems e.g. Dewey-decimal library system, Argos index, Amazon or Ebay categories etc. Customise your ONE major filing system across all virtual & physical media - File managers, Bookmarks, Cloud a/cs on ALL devices PC, Laptops, Tablets, Mobiles, Office, Home, Attic, Garage etc. Tag items especially Photos e.g. #holiday, #2019, #Italy, #Rome, #Family, #Mum, #Dad, #Son, #Daughter. Make file names unstandable. Make file dates in YYYYMMDD format so that they run in chronological order. Physical items should be stored in uniformed order and coloured if possible as below. 

Do not re-invent colours use regular established codes e.g.Google Calendar Tomato, Tangerine, Banana, Basil, Sage, Peacock, Blueberry, Lavender, Grape, Flamingo, Graphite or Basic Primary/ secondary colours

RED = Danger - regular Priorities/Must do e.g. Doctor, Dentist appointment

BLACK = Dark - Chores/Tasks you have to do e.g. Tax Return

YELLOW = Brightness/Sun - Pleasant task e.g. tea with a friend

GREEN = Grass - Outdoor activiies e.g. Golf, Football, Tennis, Run, Walk

BLUE = Calm - Indoor activities e.g. Quietness, Reading, Mediate, Bathe, Pamper

WHITE = Clear - Spare time e.g. Refer to your Snag/Things To Do list  (se below)

Logging records onto a spreadsheet means they will stay there as a reminder as opposed to a computerised calendar i.e. something list on 1st Jan could be forgotten by 2nd Jan plus unless it is anchored until completed or deleted and by scheduling tasks into 'half-hour cells' you are setting up a SMART system. Spreadsheets also allow you to Sort in order and add calculations or formulas

EVENTS IN YEAR e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, tax return, annual bills, dates for comparison, subscriptions due. Seasonal work scheduled i.e. Summer - new decking ; Winter - indoor painting

DAILY EVENTS IN WEEK e.g. Colour Code RED = MUST DO -school run, Dr, Dentist appt etc YELLOW - organised fun WHITE - fill with Snag List, To Do List etc

DETAILED TASKS e.g. Column 1- Priority A1-A10, B1-B10, C1.....E10. Col 2 Task; Col 3 Tradesman; Col 4 Materials; Col 5 Start; Col 6 Finish. These column can be Sorted or Grouped by each Tradesman etc but remember the logical order e.g. Electrician rewiring before Plasterer before Painter.

THINGS TO DO BY MONTH e.g. Seasonal priority through year - clean tools, sow seeds, pricking out, harden off, plant out, prune, composting, fixing etc 

CHECK LIST e.g. Things To Do in a logical order and When to post

1. Sell on Website, Social Media, Etsy, Amazon etc at Highest price possible. Contact Specialists, Interested parties & Possible Buyers

2. Sell on Ebay at Highest price possible with a Reserve. Contact Specialists, Interested parties & Possible Buyers that Auction ends on dd/mm         at hh;mm. (Post Thursday 11.45 p.m. for 10 days to max viewing time over two weekends) 

3. Reduce price at 1. above & contact Specialists, Interested parties & Possible buyers again to State item now at SALE Price

4. Reduce price at 2. above & contact Specialists, Interested parties & Possible buyers again to State item now at SALE Price.

5. Sell at Auction with Internet facilities, Market, Boot Sale, Jumble Sale, Advertisement

6. Give to Charity if suitable

7. Dump at Council site.

"Hey Google Set Timer for 5  minutes" - CBT technique to help Procrastinators to start a task.

"Hey Google Set Timer for 25 minutes" - Pomodoro technique to help to maximise Focus followed by 5 minute break.

Set Fitbit to 50 minutes to Notify you that you should complete 250 steps within 60 minutes to keep you activite.  

Alarm, Timer, Smartwatch, Alerts, Notifications, Apps, Kettle,Microwave, Dishwasher, Robot, Echo, Google Assist, Solar energy, Virtual Assistant

Minutes          Time wasted                                                                      (Based on 8 hours sleep/ 16 hours awake)

These figures are based on the fact that if we sleep 8 hours out of 24 hours we are asleep for 1/3 of our life and awake for 2/3.

So if every morning you watch the kettle boil you are wasting 3.5+ waking days of your life each year. N.B. "Don't let thy cup runneth over" Fill the kettle just over a cupful and you will save time, energy & money. (Get an electric meter that monitors your useage)

Remember if you stay in bed for an extra hour you will have over 21 fewer days but you will have over 21 days more if you get up an hour earlier and use your time wisely

Being a Nunn I have a habit but so do you. You probably brush your teeth, have morning coffee etc without thinking Yes you have a habit and as bove, it is automated. You can start new habits exercise, start work, writing a book but you may need 66 days for it to be installed. #CharlesDuhigg #ThePowerOfHabit

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