Did you see (TV review 6th March)

#Doctors I mentioned last week that the acting had deteriorated but I think we've now reached a new low whereby even the actors must realise that the series is getting silly. Tuesday we saw another one of the doctors bonding days this time they had to make a soap box cart and race it. The sight of Pitman v Zara squaring up to each other and the other team members doing mock fighting rituals was at best totally embarrassing. The side story about a UFO expert trying to find an alien object proves how low this new series is becoming. The show needs a tonic just what the doctor ordered. *2

#Honour Love #BrianCranyston and it seems like a good series but it is a series and hence it moves as slow as mud. As you know I need a quick fix so unfortunately I am abandoning it. Very good of what I saw but too slow *3

#TheGreat S1/9 as above another series which started off brilliantly but it started to lose its sparkle after part 3 or 4 and now I'm at episode 9 and can't wait for it to finish. Brilliant acting by all but the comedy sadly has swiftly dropped from the first one or two episodes. The comedy seems to be replaced more by silliness. Don't get me wrong there are moments where I laughed out loud and the majority of the programme is strange rather than funny and there is an underlying dark theme which is beyond funny. Finally does Peter say hussar or bizarre I leave you to decide. *6

#Unforgotten Series 4 and it hasn't lost any of its charisma. The DCI has had a mental breakdown so she expects to get early retirement but the Met want an extra three months out of her to which her strongest ally her Dad agrees with the Met. "Why should you be given early retirement and us tax payers have to foot the bill" So she gets on with the job of finding out who beheaded the Millwall supporter - only 44 million suspects.*8

#Terror 1/10 very gritty true naval story of two ships sailing into the perils of the artic.

Top male actors #ClaranHinds & JaredHarris are the main men who face the Artic sea during 1846 with the first ten minutes one sailor falls and goes overboard and another sailor David Young sees an image and goes crazy and dies. The young man feared an autopsy but the surgeon puts him under the knife. The boy is buried but the tightly nailed down lid comes open. Next a diver has to go down to clear the rudder of ice but then sees a dead body coming towards him but he says nothing to the captain. Six days later the ships are stuck in the ice and have to be dug out to continue their journey. The compass whirls around and the captain tells his officers to be jolly and tell the men 'this is a great adventure'. 'This place wanted us dead,' says an officer. This is like the Maria Celeste but with crew. Very good start *8

#Terror ½ I didn't know it was by #RidleyScott. 1847 still icy. Now they send out three crews to search for the best route. They camp but then get attacked by giant hailstones. Then they think they hear a polar bear and seeing a dark shadow they shoot an Eskimo. His daughter screams at them and then they see a polar bear devour one of the crew. Back at the ship the surgeon tries to save the eskimo Dad but the bullet is too deep and he dies. The daughter says that if they don't leave they will disappear. Just to mention there is a great cast of #GretaCaccachi #TobiasMenzie #IanHart #GeorgeTakei aka Sulu and if this ship Terror turns into the USS Enterprise it will be a true horror story. This is a great fast moving horror and so far very gripping. *8

#Condor I watched series 1 last year and have just finished series 2. I raved about the first series where the main man JoeTurner played by #MaxIrons was pursued by a psycho lady and it was high in suspense. The second series was about find the mole and through the term shoulders was as full as dishwater. You found out who was the mole but it was dragged on. If only they had read John LeCarres books and enlisted Smileys people.*3

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