Edinburgh University visit

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Saturday 21st September 2019 Open day

Flew to Edinburgh by plane then a tram to centre (£6). It seemed that Edinburgh hotel prices were quite expensive which maybe due to the university open day or just that it is the price you have to pay for visiting the capital of Scotland. So we stayed at Leith a 20 minute journey by bus 22 or 35 (£1.70) with its quaint harbour inlets which housed chic restaurants and bars, Custom House and the Royal ship Britannia is moored at Olympia.

Edinburgh university was very nice and modern but it was a trek to the accommodation halls which were situated nearer to Holyrood & Arthur's seat. The Sports Halls were also a trek but the walk around the gym gave a good impression.

Edinburgh main town is a decent walk down to Waverley train station where you come to Princes Street with its usual shops. Rose Street is just behind with various bars and places to eat then the next layer of streets back from Rose Street seem to be of the more stylish shops. But wherever you are in Edinburgh you are not far away from the fantastic sight of Edinburgh castle on one side the missions on the other. All of this city is also surrounded by stunning architecture. #Edinburgh #university #sightseeing #architecture #Edinburghcastle #holyrood #arthursseat #lifecoach #lifestyle #lifeblog #lifeblogger

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