Gentleman Jack TV review

Just seen the final episode 6/6 of Gentleman Jack. There will be no spoilers here but just a general observation.

Gentleman Jack is played by Suranne Jones who has to contain her lesbian tendencies, but not very well, mainly due to her masculine outfits (normally black), her weird hair style with ringlet sideburns and a fast walk that can only be compared to a football thugs sway going into battle. She has inherited a large country estate that needs to be maintained along with her coal mines where she is constantly accusing a man called Rawson of stealing her coal and worse. In between she has a on off relation with Miss Walker brilliantly played by Sophie Rundle and her hard exterior begins to waive under Miss Walkers spell. Her family is also brilliantly played by Timothy West, Gemma Jones and Gemma Whelan. The Priestley's were also her good friend until Mrs P. (played by Amelia Bullmore, Suranne's boss in Scott & Bailey) found her in a compromising position with Miss Walker to which she and her husband Peter Davidson decided to distant themselves. Overall the series was very good but a bit slow in places. I would have liked to see more confrontation with the evil Mr. Rawson rather than her love affairs and her attempts at being more of a man than the rest of the cast put together.

Nice endings to the first series. #gentlemanjack #surannejones #ameliabullmore #sophierundle #timothywest #gemmajones #gemmawhelan #peterdavison #tvreview #gentlemanjackreview

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