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Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Interest is predominantly English but also an interest in sport.

First visit was to Leeds university it was a very nice campus, very modern but several steps throughout the campus. English talk was not inspiring with the talk split into four main parts including one session of the tutor reading her poem. Accommodation was spread in several directions including Headingley over a mile away. I was also not impressed with Leeds which apart from the large shopping mall was rather scruffy and the canal area was surprisingly under developed.

Manchester university talk on English was far more detailed but again by an uninspiring talk by the uninspiring tutor. Campus was again sprawling and into some rather unsalubrious areas. Parts of Manchester still a building site.

Loughborough University gave a very interesting English talk by the two lecturers which included a little thought-provoking test on "Why do I love English". So interesting that the duo over ran. The talk included slides and a very detailed description. I was surprised by how much technical and digital information is now available for English students. Loughborough is famous for producing some brilliant athletes including Seb Coe and many more British athletes. I would advise the hour long talk taking you around the campus, in our case the lady leader was a commonwealth competitor twice. Sporting facilities are second to none and an awful lot of investment has gone into helping make the athletes prepare for the Olympics, Commonwealth games etc. On the open day we was told that 20,000 people would be going to view Loughborough University and we decided to catch the free campus shuttle bus that run every 10 minutes from the town which avoided all the traffic. Loughborough town is probably not the most scenic place to visit and I will leave my comments there.

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