TV review 2nd January 2021

#HaveIGotNews for you. 30 years of HiGnfy takes us back to the early days of #Hislop plus hair and #AngusDeayton comfortably in the main seat for several years until…. A great episode showing The Sun article of Angus being with prostitute's and taking drugs. #Merton had the front page printed on his T shirt and revels it at a timed moment. Obviously they couldn't let Deayton didn't get away with it and was eventually sacked. Then they show the rise of #BorisJohnson who appeared several times on the show. What ever happened to the babbling MP who couldn't string two words together. Perhaps he became Mayor of London, Foreign Secretary, Prime Minster only joking.*8

#UtterlyOutrageousXratedComedy shows #Frankie Boyle at his excellent best. #ThePubLandlord giving his politician views on his show before standing for election in Thanet against #Farage. Several other shows were totally disrespectable to the establishment in a clever and creative way.*8

#Black Narcissus I thought it would be a Deborah Kerr type film with the nuns starting off overwhelmed but adjusting to the culture and changing the Nepalese people. It was quite a surprise and not as wishy washy as I expected.*6

#ChristmasUniversityChallenge #Paxman trying to be pally with his ex #Newsnight background people who dismiss him fairly easily. I find Paxman so condescending when it comes to addressing students "well surely you should know that" "No! it's #KenBarlow of course". What qualifications has he really got, did he go to university and get 12 degrees & was best friends with #StephenHawkings. I would have given him 200 degrees all up the arse, that's with a hot poker by the way.*7

Christmas is great that it shows a lot of different programmes during the afternoon. No #Doctors #Impossible #FatherBrown not even the news on some days. But they did show some great films and period dramas e.g. #Emma, #PrideandPrejudice. Not so keen on several #WallaceandGommit type programmes but they are pretty harmless if taken with a good port. *7

Christmas Day was a bit of a let down and I miss the #NoelEdmonds visits to the hospital's far more than the JimmySavile visits. Which brings me onto showings of #LouisTheroux excellent.*6

#NotGoingOut Christmas Special. Special because it wasn't funny. Everybody sitting around analysising each other before the twelve o'clock chimes. Very predictable and quiet frankly boring. I was glad when it was finished with a bad finale by #HughDennis. #LeeMack is probably my favourite comedian and this was a one off. Happy 2021 we hope. *2

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