TV review 3rd October

#TheGadgetShow S32/1 they only seem to have been gone yesterday but are back already.

No change, which is good because the format works so well. I thought I would seriously miss Jason Bradbury but no, the team of three along with Craig Charles flows very nicely. I have to say that Jon Bentley is my fav. I think he knows he is annoying and some say boring but he plays his character well especially during an unusual outtake.*8

#RestorationWorkshop is something I missed on the Yesterday channel. So I binge watched six episodes. It shows #GaryWallis as a jovial restorer with his band of helpers including his experienced brothers and Dad who he brings in when required. Now I love all antiques & restoration programmes #TheRepairShop #FinditFixitFlogit #AmericanPickers #AntiqueRoadshow #Flogit #SalvageHunters #TheRestorers and #DrewPritchard will be going to see Gary Wallis. Now I always used to watch Salvage Hunters but as Drew Pritchard admitted he isn't keen on upcycling projects and basically he travels all round the country buying with his trusted T. Gary does travel around the country but on his own and he loves to restore or upcycle rolling up his sleeves creating some unusual masterpieces.*9

#TheGrandPartyHotel is a four parter and I am saving up to binge watch as I am doing with the second series of Condor. TBC.

#CurbYourEnthusiasm. #LarryDavid and #RickyGervais are friends and they are from the same mould. Both get into situations which can only be described as cringing and you are always watching between two cushions. You either like or loathe them. Larry yet again seems to do an innocent action of which he is unaware but he ends up being public event number one. *7

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