TV review w/e 10th October

#HaveIGotNewsForYou much better with the show now back in the studio with a distanced audience. The previous lockdown in their houses did not work. I just happened to catch a Dave episode with #GaryLinekar which had an audience but didn't work with Gary in the main seat. This time we had probably the best main man #DamienLewis who has a cheeky smile, quick witted and a delight to watch as he commands the show. Also as a current affairs programme on Dave it doesn't work for me.*8

Afterwards I watched #QI on Dave with another great host #StephenFry and although a repeat, that does work although I don't like to see the resident #AlanDavies persecuted. *7

#CurbYourEnthusium watching the reruns of this series and #LarryDavid is a genius. He is the writer and main character with no awareness at all and the situations he gets himself into are pure genius. This episode showed Larry wanting a shirt that he had seen at a widows house and he interrogated her mercilessly to ask where her late husband had bought it. Obviously she later saw Larry wearing the shirt as he watched her husband's favourite film. There are more antics and situations that make you laugh out loud especially having his front teeth knocked out by #TedDansons young daughter. This meant a visit to his dentist that he had lied to and hence the dentist have him Bugs Bunny teeth. So funny *10

#TheThirdDay I have just watched the third part and I am still mystified so when I saw a different adaption on Saturday I thought I would watch it. It has the same actors in it but it seemed a lot slower e.g. a girl dancing on the table lasted well over ten minutes and people being baptisted lasted even longer. I thought I would see when it finished and it was another two hours to go finishing at 9.30 p.m. then I noticed it started at 9.30 a.m. 12 hours, if you have read this blog before you know I don't do two hours let alone twelve.*2

Then I turned over and watched Vera - a two hour programme. Which was OK as I love #BrendaBlethyn so *6

#UniversityChallenge pompous #JeremyPaxman asks the question "Where it is this town?" and shows a map with Brighton as a clue. Pompous Paxman berates a contestant and says It's nowhere near when he says Eastbourne. The correct answer was Worthing. Now Eastbourne is on the A22, Brighton A23 and Worthing A24 so pretty close.

#BargainHunt yet another change to try and improve this long established programme. They did not mention the "you need to buy an item for £75+" Now I saw an earlier programme during the week and the team went for a £75 bottle and come heavily unstuck. I agree with them buying something over £40 odd but they are so concerned about getting over £75 that they eventually dive into a mistake. We also have the two teams having to buy something in a category e.g. naval, farm, country item. That wasn't in this programme. Another new thing was to go to a computer tablet for the final item from the expert, I haven't seen that for some time. But we did have another change "Can you guess the value?" to passersby, pointless and just a filter. Now let's be honest most teams come out at a loss so need to focus on getting a profit.

The programme is now changing every day more than a chameleon and is becoming extremely confusing and boring. *2

#Pointless as above they have changed their format to include quess the pointless questions - pointless totally pointless *2

With the constant changes of these two programmes it looks as though there doing a Boris.

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