TV review w/e 18th July

Thank God for Football I am able to watch several hours on the TV that are original showings and not repeats. Sorry but I am not over interested in Wimbledon rewinded, old cricket, snooker etc because I know the results. I would be interested in these old repeats if I could bet on them but alas.

#PennyDreadful is dreadful. The name derives from a comic that people regarded as dreadful and hence it cost only a penny.

As previously stated this is full of witches, Nazis, bent Officials. It is centred around a Mexican #DanielZovatto who becomes a policeman but has to fight against his own racist colleagues and also is hated by many of his own kind. But it is weird mainly because the main black witch played by #NatalieDormer morphs into many characters including the personal assistant to the corrupt Mayor who is signing up to help the Nazis. She also plays a nazi leaders mistress in his head and as an invisible witches who gets into the minds of several people including a policeman who is tricked to firing into a crowd of Mexicans causing a blood bath. Oh and her son melts back into her body. Even the Chief of Police is played by #BrentJaySpiner better known as Data the robot in Star Trek. It is worth watching just for the unexpected. *7

#Luminaries S1/4 is another series that to me is original however I think that this is less interesting and a bit slow. I don't think this will be as unexpected, not riveting and seem more predictable but I will have to wait and see. *5

#TheSecretSheKeeps is totally unexpected. There are so many twists and turns and it is hard to keep up. It starts with two women both having babies and meeting in the local supermarket where because of their pregnancies they both become close friends. But both have secrets. Affairs coming in from several sides, murder, stolen baby, trolls means that you are guessing from the beginning. I thought it started in first gear but now it's in top gear. Although an Australian drama the main character is played by #DowntonAbbey's #LauraCarmichael who obviously has secrets but she is not the only one. Worth watching "9

Fed up with more repeats of #HomesundertheHammer, #PlaceintheSun, #EscapetotheCountry and several early morning programmes I decided to switch from TV to Films and I watched both 1&2 of #DeadPool a couple of films brilliantly played by #RyanReynolds. RR will look at the camera and tell you this is a horror movie but it is really a comedy with fast one liners mainly from the man himself. Dead Pool is diagnosed with cancer so he tries to get cured by a sadist surgeon who transforms him into an ugly mutant who can't die. Yes, he kills the villians in style but it is hilarious. *9

#MiracleWorkers S2/1 I must have missed the first series - luckily. It is a comedy starring #DanielRatcliffe as a weak son and disappointment to his dad the king and #SteveBuscemi as the kingdoms shit shoveller. I rest my case *2

#NakedAttraction I have watched several bits of these programmes. Bits being obvious word as five girls or girls get naked until one is eventually selected for a date. It is pretty degraded for the person behind the screen to be told that they don't like their nipple's or ginger pubics but the worst part is to be rejected. It is up to the person and good luck to them but what happens when they turn up for work the next day or go to the pub? The part or parts I saw belonged to a Police Investigation Officer now is that OK - answers on a postcard.*4

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