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#CityofLights An immediate liking to this gritty drama. A prostitute asks a 'paki' help her find her co worker. Next he is in the rain and getting wet before he jumps into an old C reg car. Nothing flash in this drama. Next he visits his old friend who is now a success but it is his partner who is found murdered but was with the missing prostitute. Now more TYPE CASTING #DannyWebb is the detective but was also the DS in #Liar come on casting directors get original. Next we have flashbacks to the teenage gang all hovering over a young Diana Dors lookalike later played by Billie Piper.#Endeavour yes I know it is on for two hours but I decided to watch it in homage to #JohnThaw who played the older Endeavour #Morse and John Thaws real wife #SheilaHancock who played a tarot card reader giving the young Endeavour her prediction. It must have been a poignant moment for her to be in the series which featured her late husband John who died in 2002 at the age of 60. Apart from Morse JT was also the main man Redcap, The Sweeney, Home to Roost and Kavanagh QC. The young Morse played by #ShaunEvans has to get into a nuclear plant but it's stopped by high security. He only managed to help solve the situation with help from #AbigailThaw John Thaw's daughter in real life. #RichardHallam who plays Endeavours boss has a wayward daughter who is proposed to by Endeavour and Sheila Hancock kills her son the killer of the episode. Later we find out that the daughter was expecting a married mans baby until a fall. I did not need to watch for two hours as it was all in the tarot cards. *7

#ViennaBlood starts with a lecture by #SigmundFreud. It looks as though it's going to be a good series whereby two people know that they don't perhaps enjoy each other's company, a bit like Sherlock Holmes and Watson or Morse & Lewis but know that they compliment each other. They have contempt of each other but also mutual respect. Vienna Blood set in 1907 Vienna obviously. #JürgenMaurer plays the Detective Rheinhardt and Max Liebermann #MatthewBeard was the arrogant Jewish medic assigned to only observe crime scenes but cannot help interfering. Their first case is a pregnant woman shot but no bullet. The Defective should realise that Max's observations are justified and starts to appreciate psychology and profiling when the rest of Austria do not understand. A fine cast in Max's family of Dad #ConlethHill (#DocMartin), Mum #AmeliaBullmore (#CoronationStreet, #AlanPartridge & boss of #Scott&Bailey ) and sister #CharleneMcKenna (#RipperStreet). Later, which sums up the chemistry is when Max says 'People will think that we like each other'.

Max gets a confession out of the killer on a type of Vienna Eye then is nearly killed but luckily the killer is shot by the inspector from another carriage. The shot man still tries to strangle Max calling him Doctor Jew but Max saves his life by putting his finger in the killer's bullet hole. The detective gives Max his hat back and they both smile at each other.

Next thing Max proposes to his girlfriend.

#GangsofLondon Now I don't mind a bit of violence if it can be related to the overall concept of the series and with a name like the Gangs of London you expect a bit of naughtiness. But then you get over the top unbelievable violence. I've seen a woman kill a dozen well trained soldiers. A gypsy caravan site destroyed and at least twenty gypsies killed except for one, the leader whose son killed the Dad of the London Gang. Next you have a whole team of a crack military unit destroy everyone in their path until they are faced with a woman, gypsy leader, his son and a couple of gypsy mates holes up in a small cottage. All the heavy duty guns and grenades eventually complete the contract but all the experienced men due apart from the leader and his wife! Can you see a pattern forming. I think we are probably looking at 100 shootings and the chief of police is thinking whether or not to keep the undercover policeman on the case. Perhaps he should be looking at 100 killings which will probably better improve his statistics on crime fighting. Not even a Bobbie in sight.


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