TV review w/e 28th November

It could have been worse. My family decided to change the broadband and TV package from Sky to Virgin. Sounds good faster speed more channels but I would have to give up my Sky Q boxes with my favourite programmes that I have recorded but haven't been able to watch in time. So dreading today as I would be losing my binging series e.g. Condor. Well the wireless Sky Q beat the Virgin you will need cables all round your house. I changed to Virgin Broadband but kept my lovely Sky Q box for at least another eighteen months.

#DarkMaterials is still as good if not better than series one, can't wait for Sunday.

#MocktheWeek is getting more like an old boys club with a few new comedians chucked in to stop complaints but the laughter is going down hill. #AngelaBarnes always has to come in with a disgusting shocking sex joke that makes you swirm rather than laugh. The segregation of comedians and a zoom audience killed it this week. *5 then

#RichardOsman tea time show had Angela Barnes running away with victories all week perhaps a change from comedian to quizmaster. *5

#OnlyConnect #VictoriaCoren trying to be funny on this programme whilst hosting *6

then #HaveIgotNewsForYou bit out of her depth against #Merton hosting this programme *6

and then she comes on my mobile tweeter account *3 again the comments were beyond me.

I don't think you have to be a smart arse like Coren, #Mitchell, #StephenFry and blurp out some remark or joke that nobody understands and makes them feel superior but not funny. Perhaps they are hoping for a rerun of the South Bank show and being interviewed by another pompous arse like #MelvinBragg. Alternative comedy is alive.

Straight after Mock the Week #TheMiniMashReport did produce some clever satirical laughter please take note all the above. *8 Mind you the new haircut and high bright forehead of Nish was a shock.

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