TV review w/e 31st October

#Collateral Very interesting and intriguing four parter plus a brilliant cast. DI Kip Glaspie #CareyMulligan plays the kids of death defective who is always chasing after the event or murder. Initially it looks like a street shooting of the pizza delivery man. Deep Pan demonium especially as he was set up to deliver to Karen #BilliePiper a pizza with a special topping i.e. drugs But the contract was performed by a serving woman British soldier who believed she was getting revenge by killing a terorist but her other military boss Westbourne told her that so she would kill a man who knew him as a trafficking boss although drugs and money laundering seem to be a side line. Piper divorced seven years from David Mars (#JohnSimm) who is a politician and signed the documents to an illegal immigrant who witnessed the shooting. So he is in trouble and obviously he knows the girl and Jane #NicolaWalker the lady vicar (former lover of Billy) the girl is living with

and in his ward. The pizza lady who sent the boy to his death follows a similar path. MI5 are interested in terrorism and in the dead man's sister and wants to find how she arrived in the UK and if she knows of Westbourne #RichardMcCabe. The military freelance assassin is forced into sleeping with her boss in command. She then confronts the wife and tells her that her husband raped her and she probably wasn't the first victim.

DI Kip arrests the smugglers and her assistant tells MI5 who then informs the undercover agent to run but she is arrested outside her flat. Then the bargaining begins and she gives Peter Westbourne and the killer of the pizza delivery man. Peter Westbourne escapes and the female killer Captain Shaw goes back to her military father's favourite pub where Kip tries to coax Shaw out. Unfortunately Kip tells her that the man she shot was not a terorist realising she had done wrong she did the honourable thing.

So many stories within stories that this made an excellent fast moving triller brilliantly lead by a superb performance by Carey Mulligan who I can only hope will play more of these type of roles. *10

#TheSister part 1, a good start if not slightly predictable although there must be a surprise somewhere along the line. #RussellTovey is the husband Nathan Redman of the Holly Fox who is the sister of Elise Fox who we know he killed via his new physic friend Bob Morrow saying "What have you done?" as they drag a body out of a car. Now Bob the nutter after all these years knocks on Nathans door to say a new building development will be digging up the woods and he needs Nathans help to rebury the dead sister. But Nathan wants no part so Bob has to get Nat to change his mind by other means - part 2 a cometh *7 Just to recap of you are confused, yes, Nat stalked Holly #AmritaAcharia the dead sister of Elise Holly #SimoneAshley and married Holly.

#TheSister part 2. Now like a lot of new trends in the film world this jumps backwards & forwards more than a baby kangaroo but it's not planned insequence so therefore it's not just confusing it's rubbish and difficult to follow. Nathan has to go to the police station and he lies that he has not seen the dead sister. But they show him with the drug snorting physic Bob in a citreon car at the rough time of the sister going missing. Next you see the physic Bob outside the existing sisters parents house phoning Nathan to say are you coming down to help me rebury the sister. But in the police station the woman detective (who just happens to be the existing sisters best friend) says to Nathan the sister was alive knocking on her boyfriend door after the said event. So Nathan was suspected of buying the sister but earlier we saw the body ??? There's mystery thrillers but there is also no mystery but confusion. So we have to go to part 3 just to prove the sequence of events and that we are not going mad. *5

#TheSister part 3 Hopefully I will understand exactly what happened that night on New Year's Eve. In this episode Nathan seems to be digging a hole but not for the sister (s) but for himself with his constant lies. So their in the back of weirdo Bob Citreon DS car and he goes for a shit in the woods. Elise has a snort of Bobbies drug and before Nat get a chance at the White powder Elise wants her first fuck of the new year. Then she goes insane and his her head against the car window. Bob comes back, a bit of useless cpr and then get the shovels out. A few bits of bad acting and then we get to Rent a Ghost scenario. Last part tomorrow.*4

#TheSister finale and I'm getting to say Thank God. Thriller and suspense his. Now we know Bob is a nutter but Nathan isn't too far behind. So he decides to kill Bob to stop him contacting his wife ever again via a last whiskey together before they rebury but Bob says no ice.Then we have the suspense Bob is dying but he manages to call 999, So with Bob dying he has to find the keys to open the safe but he opens the safe that he thinks has Elsie clothes in it with his DNA but it is her skull (maybe). Then he remembers that Bob said No ice so he then find her clothes in the freezer and uses an ice pick to free the clothes whilst the ambulance service is trying to break down the door. He mounts Bob to pretend to give cpr. Holly's detective friend arrives and Nathan hints very badly that she should look in the unopened safe. Here it comes within minutes she manages to open the safe find the skull and telephone Holly to tell her they have found her sister. No forensic just shock your best friend ' we have found your sisters skull' Holy then dropped the phone and destroys the wedding phones. Nat goes home and she lives. Bob hasn't died but it's in a coma and opens his eyes but he is never going to come out of the commas so why hasn't he been switched off, mainly for bad acting. Then we see Nathan at what I think is a cementry and Holl comes up and days again why didn't you tell me you was at that party with my sister and 500 others then she gets Nathan to hold her stomach. Nathan cries to think they finally have a baby and The End. Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks. I've watched this for fourconsecutive nights and the acting has been very good from trova and his missus but the actual complex sequence and reality of the program script is bollocks bollocks, bollocks *4

#BraveNewWorld #AldousHuxley is a genius. I am now watching the last four episodes and it is beyond my expectations. It is like the three tier virus. Alpha's, Betas and Slaves plus you have the outside Savagelands. Now John Savage makes the leap into the New London and starts to unhinge the Utopia. But he is actually a top alpha because his Dad was the director which he accidentally pages over the cliff. He starts to show that violence can be exciting and that you can be emotional to which he falls in love with a beta. Unfortunately betas are just play things out prostitute's for the nightly Alpha orgies. But his Beta (Lelina) because she loves John starts to rebel against her nightly ordeal but John doesn't believe her. Also John has got the slaves onto his side and they are starting to rebel and the penultimate episode ends with the Director Henry telling them what to do and they turn on him with their litter spikes.

Last episode, John is the ultimate destroyer and the Alpha's public event number one.

Bernard Miles is eventually the new Director but he still holds a flame for his Beta Lelina who is now with his former best friend John who he now has to exterminate. John is the reluctant leader of the slaves but he tells the slaves to stop taking the drugs and start to realise they could be free. They all smash their pill poppers in solidarity. Next John & the slave leader destroy the pill factory. This causes chaos with the druggie alpha's who are seen crawling along the ground for the last of the pills. The slaves start to use their spikes again on these pathetic creatures but the leader realises that killing them is no better that the Alpha's ruling them and he tries to stop his colleagues without success. John also didn't want anything to do with the killings and just wants to find Lelina which her eventually does with Mars by his side. Then you have a matrix moment where you find the new world is controlled by a young girl. Mars goes to the Savageland and mixes with their leader. John gets out of New London for the simple life of fishing and eating his catch. Lelina looks on and seems to be the new leader of New London.

Now Brave New World has to be studied for A levels and personally I would not like to be tested on this complex book but I did enjoy this nine parter if not very slow in certain bits *10

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