TV review w/e 7th November

#PlacesUnderTheSun on London Live is filmed in 2004 some 16 years old. It's nice to see but is there any point.*3

#TheGadgetShow it is such a great show with banter from start to finish from the four presenters all trying to put down each other but overall John the older & wiser always seems to be the winner. An interesting format with what people want to improve themselves followed by retro gadgets, quiz, outdoor broadcasting makes this show bob along very nicely for one hour. #CraigCharles is the main presenter that heads the show but he is no techy and ever session he tries fails for example in this episode he forgot to put the password in the burglary alarm much to the enjoyment of the other three presenters *7

#AutumnWatch I have been consumed by this programmes all week. The live birth on the programme of a seal and the monitoring of the babies Sam & Sharon going from furry balls, being fed on full fat milk and turned into blow up teen-agers within a matter of weeks. But the prize was #ChrisPackhams (marimite, but I liked him) step daughter Megan going on a stayaction to the Lochs in Scotland and finding seven Bullnose Whales which should never have been there but in the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately all attempts to rescue them by herding them out of the network of lochs failed and because their main supply of squid was not readily available three of these rare mammals died. Getting back to us normal people that don't have whales or seals in their local pond AW showed a bird feeder with blue tits, wagtails etc. Then they showed a Bittern followed by a Blue fin tuna breaching at Watergate Bay in Devon another couple of creatures that I have no chance of seeing locally. But all is interesting. Last in the current series Sadly missed *9

#CurbYourEnthusiasm and #TheInbetweeners were downloaded for a quick fix of humour and I also watched #MockTheWeek which is becoming a bit boring with several of the so called comedians not funny including regular #EdByrne who is so predictable and only funny to his Irish buddy and best friend #DaraObriain. Also some of the newbies think that if they swear more than the others then that makes them funny.*5

I am currently saving up some thriller series #TheUpdoing, #Condor and #Roadkill to binge watch so will be reporting later.

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