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Updated: May 9, 2020

#Blood Now probably one of the greatest TV series of present day is #lineofduty and although you can talk of all the brilliant actors #adriandunbar is the one everybody talks about. I noticed that he is the main character in Blood so I decided to watch the first series before I watched this week's second series. Hence this week's blog will be short due to the binge watching of both series. In the first series it shows Adrian Dunbar as the dad who is suspected of killing his wife but his two daughters, son and mistress. Eventually it transpires that he did kill his badly invalid wife because he really loved her and she begged him to finish her after another one of her bad falls.

Second series he comes back to his now invalid daughter and her depressed violent husband. His gay son hates him for killing his mother and the other daughter is in Dublin and never visits. First day he stumbles on a drug ring and possible murder and then he accidently murders the drug ring leader. His daughter is in love with another lady and her alcoholic husband beats her and the children so she poisons him. Finally you see Dad taking the kids to live in France with her lesbian lover. *9

#Innocent I don't think so but is it David Collins #LeeIngleby locked up for seven years before being acquitted at his third retrial. Now his sharing a mobile home near what looks like Bosham on the south coast. Will he find out who framed him and will his two children come to love or loathe him. Tuesday night and it's hotting up. DCs wife was having and affair with his best friend. The new investigating officer has found out that the old investigating officer, her boyfriend, left out several details to corrupt DC. Looks as though their joint house hunting will be put on hold.

The other sister Alice #HermioneNorris has been looking after the two children since her sisters death but they were not on good terms since the dead sister had given Alice £20k for IVF treatment and on the fourth request told her "no more". Perhaps she will be left more money in the will for IVF try number four. Final scene is Alice saying to David you won't take 'my kids' obviously over protective as Hermione Norris was last week in 'Mother's son'. N.B. surely the casting agency will now pick someone else for type casting a doting mother.

Wednesday DI Hudson #AngelCoulby is now in the main role. She has dumped her lover and has more suspects. Angel was in #Merlin but I remember her as the hard done by wife in #TheTunnel. Now she is after the step dad. Meanwhile DC has a touching meeting with his children at the Inn on the beach.

Thursday 4/4 Who is it? We still don't really know. This is what you call a drama. The answer is not who I suspected at all. Great final scene. *9

#VanDerValk S1/2 Everybody is moaning. Why not signature tune of Eye Level. Why is everybody talking in an English accent. I have to agree on the latter. They could at least try a bit of double Dutch. I love VdV played by Marc Warren but within seconds of Episode two he has shacked with his assistant which is not making it interesting but unbelievable as she is gay. So a love interest, no accent and two hour show, I am beginning to wane. But later we find his assistant was just drunk and taking about her split from her partner. However, everybody is talking without any accent. In this programme there is a muslin family and they all seem to have a brummie accent. VdV is ticking along but only just and an hour show rather than two hours would make this a far better faster moving series. Even Vera, Endeavour, Mid Summer murders & Morse cannot hold me for two hours and they seem better quality. Looks as if it's two hours too long. *5

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Next week - #KillingEve #CityofLights ?

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