4078 Steps short this week but lost a pound

Well the bad news is that I did not reach my 70k weekly target which I blame on the weather and several computer problems not myself of course. However, after spending some days away living the lifestyle which included a cooked breakfast, I still managed to lose a pound at 14st 9lb which showed 14st 8lb before I put on my campervan socks. Hoping that 14stone or less will help reverse the diabetes type 2. Blood pressure has been OK three times now but cholesterol is slightly high. I have decided not to take Statins to reduce the cholesterol and it will give me a further incentive to lower my weight and become Pillless. #10ksteps #diabetes #diabetestype2 #cholestrol #statins #weightlossforhealth #campervan #vwcampervan #campervansocks #happysocks #londonsockcompany #seriouslysillysocks #bamboosocks #stance #supersocks #honest #lifestyleblogger #lifeblogger #lifecoach #lifeplanner #healthandwealth

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