Did you see? TV review 20 Feb

#TheBay S2/e5&6 I have been watching #Marcella and The Bay and it is like chalk and cheese. The Bay is realistic apart from the detective Lisa #MorvenChristie having her husband back played by #JoeAbsolom. You don't know who killed Stephen #StephenTomlinson until the assassin is caught stealing a car in Manchester. But Rose #SharonSmall was having an affair with a scrap dealer called Frank #OwenMcDonnell and Frank hired the assassin thinking Rose would run of with him once Stephen was out of the way. Wrong. Next Lisa's mother find out why Lisa's husband has come back. It appears he has a family elsewhere and when he has the chance to tell his old family he runs away. So overall no happy family's. But it's good especially now that the happy family's are now out of the way we can get but to the lawyer family and I think that is going to be the hat trick of sad family's *9

#OnlyConnect is getting to the final stages and #VictoriaCorenMitchell is very good in between her start and finish terrible jokes.

#Doctors is back after a long rest but the acting seems to have got really bad especially between the men. Sargeant Hollingsworth is standing over his adopted kids like a sergeant major. Sid is still in a babbling state and he mate the Star Trek one has gone into mister happy mode and is shipping through the episodes which looks ridiculous. Glad the girls are upholding the show apart from Valerie of course. In Wednesday episode they said a guest appearance by #SusanPenhaligon a lady I loved in #Bouquetofbarbedwire unfortunately she had dementia and cancer so she won't remember me *4

#BargainHunt hasn't been the same sincere #TimWannacott left. Most of the presenters look as though they are caught between the highlights and it is quite funny to see #AnitaManning looking at the behind the scenes assistant to give her the correct figures. Meanwhile #EricKnowles doesn't seem to be able to relax and is too serious and his awkwardness seems to be rubbing off on the programme. Let's have just one new presenter but not none of the present especially Raskin who has come from the inside lane too quickly. *5

#MockTheWeek is another programme that is doing a death even though that is also bringing in fresh talent but they are not funny and along with #HughDennis #EdByrne #AngelaBarnes who all seem to be telling obvious jokes, the programme is going down faster that an O'Briain bus. Bring back #FrankieBoyle #GaryDelaney to add the spice to another dying show.

If you do want a quick laugh #NotGoingOut is a great fix *8

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