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#McDonald&Dodds S2/1 full marks to the casting director because they got this odd couple totally correct. The rapport between DCI #LaurenMcDonald #TalaGouveia and DS Dodds #JasonWatkins is better than the duos in #Morse #Lewis #Regan #Midsommers & Vera even the latest Holmes. Only miscasting is #JamesMurray as Chief Supt John Houseman as the smooth young boss who clearly tries to make life difficult for them - the budget is… I have had several complaints from… Is Dodds too old.

The interaction between the two detectives also has several humorous sides especially their private lives. "So what about your mates".

" I have friends mam Reg Cartwright, err no he died, Eric and err Stan the signwriter, his dyslexic" - another priceless moment.

In this episode you also see five great actors #PatsyKensit #Quadrophenia #Emmerdale #HolbyCity #MartinKemp #SpandauBallet #TheKrays

#CathyTyson #MonaLisa

#RobertGraves #ARoomWithAView

Plus one other the victim. They all go up in a hot air balloon but only one comes down quicker than the other four. McDonald and Dodds have to get an outside air expert in the form of Roy Gilbert #RobBrydon #WouldILieToYou. He is the double with the same actions to the eccentric Dodds. They both set up a bond and resoect each other but because of Roys over reaction he is booted out of the case but that's didn't stop Dodds inviting him to join his group of mates for a drink.

I will not give away the ending which has a few twists but it is well worth watching mainly for the endearing love between the young DCI and the near retirement Doddering Dodds *9

#HomesUnderTheHammer I have moaned about old programmes repeating time and time again and HutH was no exception. Seeing #LucyAlexander present one of the shows you knew it was at least six years old. Then I read the blurb and one of the presenters is the great #TommyWalsh of the famous trio #CharlieDimmock and #AlanTitchmarsh. No disrespect to the other presenters but Tommy is a builder and immediately he pointed out the structural problems with the building. Tommy is a natural in front of the camera and I hope that he becomes a regular. Also nice to see HutH are still making the programme including remote auctions & social distancing so new 2021 issues. *7

#TheGreat S1/10 Will Catherine kill Peter?

And can we now kill this series

Hurrah *3

#TheTerror S1/3 The Ladder. Franklin and Crozier have different opinions. An unexpected episode. Always great when you don't see it coming *8

S1/4 November 1847 #GretchaSaachi is asking what has happened to Sir John and the two ships. One of the officers at the meetings says he will search after 1850 so only three years to wait in the freezing arctic. More men are turning up dead and they still regard the enemy as a giant polar bear - let's hope so. Well if you have read this far I am about to give away the unexpected mentioned in 3 above. Look away now - Sir John was attacked by the …. and pushed down the eskimo hole. Only his leg remained which was put in s full size coffin and given full military honours.

Next body is found on the ship, cut in half by powerful blows beyond a man or the biggest polar bear. They blame the eskimo woman because she has set camp next to the ships for the last six months since her father was shot and died. Unfortunately three crew members were too rough and then one disrespected Crozier and received 40 lashes of the cast of nine tails, very violent especially as it is in boys fashion i.e. on the arse.*5

⅕ Crozier is still hitting the bottle and missing several meetings. But his whiskey is running out and he won't drink gin. So he steals sixteen bottles of whiskey from the private store of a fellow officer

A quick trip to the other ship, which is listing, results in another man dropping dead believed to be from a heart attack. Still sinister.

The eskimo is quizzed on how to kill the creature and then we see the creature on the ship and he hunts down one of the officers but dispite being set on fire and shoot with a cannon he escapes as does the eskimo. The hunted officer gets his leg sawn off

The assistant doctor find out that the tins are causing disease and black gums.*7

E6 1848 Crozier gives up the command and guess to his bed

The diseased tins means less food. *7

This is a compiling series but not for the faint hearted.

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