How many steps today?

A busy day with 10,000 steps competed by three o'clock. 12,500 should easily be completed by midnight. Afraid Wix still not loading photos so go to Instagram Master. Diabetes for a #fitbit photo. #fitbit2 #diabetes #reversals #fitnessagainstdiabetes #10000steps

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All the talking to the TV Audience Good or Bad?

#McDonald&Dodds S2/1 full marks to the casting director because they got this odd couple totally correct. The rapport between DCI #LaurenMcDonald #TalaGouveia and DS Dodds #JasonWatkins is better than

#Doctors I mentioned last week that the acting had deteriorated but I think we've now reached a new low whereby even the actors must realise that the series is getting silly. Tuesday we saw another on