Munich Day 1 (20 February 2020 a.m.)

Munich 20 02 2020 a.m..

An early start at 3.00 to arrive for check-in at Gatwick for 6.20 flight. Travelled to Gatwick airport along the M25 until close to M23 turn off but signs stated that M23 closed so had to go via the A22. Nice flight but when we got to Munich our pre-arranged chauffeur was no where to be seen so he was late NO our flight was early by 15 minutes due to the prevailing winds. So our ETA was not correct but our driver turned on time as expected - good start A very short walk to his large Mercedes and it took three quarters of an hour to get to the hotel. Traveling on the autobahn we passed Bayhen Munich FC and the Olympic village. We arrived outside Hotel Europaischer Hof at 9.30 and didn't expect our room to be ready but just wanted to leave our bags at reception until we could check in at 3.00. The friendly receptionist said immediately that she could do us a deal (here we go) and then to our surprise said that she could put us in another hotel but it is 4 star not 3 star for the same money! So we all walked just around the corner and are now in a nicer larger hotel called Marc. But the second surprise was that our room was ready and we would not have to walk the streets until the normal check in some five hours later. Within minutes we were soon in bed recovering from our early morning start. I woke at 1.00 GMT but left my Fitbit in UK so not totally sure of time and time difference.

So here in the middle of Munich refreshed - Time to explore. To be continued

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