Munich Day 4 (Weekend)

Our last day before our flight home.

Breakfast first. Now I have stayed in hotels abroad that cater for German tourists and the breakfast mainly consists of cold meats and pastry. Yes, they are on the menu but in this hotel you have several other options including ample amounts of fruit, omelettes, cereals and even honey straight from the honeycomb. Excellent service as per usual.

Now the tricky bit, our flight leaves at 10ish with a taxi pickup at 18.30 and the kick out time for the hotel is 11.00. So it means walking the streets for 7.5 hours and by the way German shops do not open on a Sunday at all. Yes, no shop will open apart from the bakery that by law can open for two hours! there is no seating in the bakery, I checked and I could not eat apple strudel for seven hours. We decided to ask the manager if we could have a late stay and his immediate reply was "Yes, no problem, until 6.30?". Now I have never been to a hotel that has allowed a long stay unless I paid another daily rate, the closest I normally got was to have your cases put in a separate room or worse left by the hotel door.

So we had a result.

But we did venture out at 10.30 because it the middle of the main high street at Karlsplatz next to Ratskeller was the Glockenspiel tower which had its weekly show of an amazing engineering feat where various characters went round & round in the tower whilst playing their instruments. The tower and mechanics must be at least 100 years old and the entertainment lasted for at least 15 minutes. Also along the Neuhauser Str their carnival was still going on and many people dressed up for the event. I presume on this special occasion food and drink stalls were allowed to serve in the paved area. Obviously with no shops open we were forced to walk the streets and we walked down towards the English Garden. Why the English Garden I do not know because it was basically an enclosed heath with a stream. We came out and found a busy restaurant adjacent to the park inside there was only one table space next to the door which was fine for us and we settled into comfortable sofas. The restaurant was buzzing with everybody talking but there was no shouting as you normally get in a UK restaurant on at Sunday lunchtime. The waiters were excellent, polite, speedy and helpful and we enjoyed a nice meal. A general walk back in the sun found us passing more expensive shops of which my favourite was the Maserati showrooms.

Back at the hotel we had a rest, the scheduled taxi driver came and we arrived at the airport ahead of time. The flight was delayed by an hour but we managed with the hour difference in our favour to get back to Gatwick. Then a massive queue for Passport control, then they shut down some of the automated barrier then the barrier would not recognise the passport so another long queue to see the "manual" woman who

then had to look at you and the passport before you were free. M23 & M25 not too bad at that time of night so home not too late for a good nights sleep so that we could look forward to Monday morning.

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