New Microsoft shop

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

A Microsoft shop opened on the south west side of Oxford Circus on Thursday 11th July 2019. Unusual? Well yes, it is the First Microsoft shop to open in Europe! Just two doors down from one of many Apple shops.

Obviously very busy but I managed to get onto their graphic software whereby you attach a circular dusk to your screen Android turn it to your selected colour. Select a pen, paintbrush, size, etc and the world is your oyster. This is where I let the software down by my attempt to create a tree. My Microsoft assistant was very kind and whispered "are you a graphic designer" - good saleswomen. I would have liked to get in the awesome car and drive via the viral large screen but the unviral physical queue was too long. The upstairs hanger paradise was also very busy so I decided to miss the crowd and vailed to come back another day.

I then crossed directly opposite Oxford Circus to Nike store, formerly the old Topshop and indulge myself in four floors of sporting merchandise including a football pitch where you can test out football boots before you even buy well worth a visit along with the Microsoft store.

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