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Now I can review the #HotelInspector #AlexPolizzi reviewing the hotel in her new series 11 Epsiode 1 #ReallyTV1 because I have actually stayed at that hotel last year and my relatives have stayed there several times.

The hotel in question is The Fieldhead Hotel and Horizons Restaurant in Looe although if you google it you may come up with different names.The hotel is run by Juliian Peck and his wife. They have two small children. There are 16 bedrooms - some with balconies, restaurant for breakfast & evening meals, separate bar & lounge, ample table & seating areas with a swimming pool overlooking the bay and town. Sufficient but limited car parking space

Now when we went to the hotel Julian was at the front end and his wife looked after the kitchen whilst also looking after their children. There was also an excellent cleaner and a waitress. When Alex arrived it seemed as though they had to let the staff go because of economical reasons hence the hotel inspectors visit.

Now I have to say throughout this visit Alex was in a good mood. Julian showed her up to her room and then realised he had put Alex in the only room that had a badly damaged wardrobe. Alex smiled as she showed the viewers the creaking door and even smiled at the dated wallpaper, glass cubed bathroom with modesty curtain and terrible pictures miss hung. But she got more serious when she ventured into the other rooms and was confronted by odd headboards and multi coloured duvet.

Breakfast was a puzzle for Alex because the menu was excessive and included steak but her biggest confusion was over the fact that people could have breakfast in their rooms but no toast. "What have they got against toast!" Alex asked. Simple Julian replied, the tray is too small and if they want toast then they would want jam, marmalade, butter etc.which would not all fit onto the tray. Alex left it there, only to say to the camera that she thought this assignment was going to be harder that expected. Next query was the hotel tariff which was based on a single person and could only be worked out by Enstein if he was staying in a single room. Alex tried to explain the industry standard but we will talk about that later.

The first job to speak to the wife who was obviously overworked and over stressed. Tears came mainly because she recalled being unable to see her child perform at the local pageant because she was working. Alex was also close to tears because she could see that they were both unhappy and had got onto a hamster wheel that was descend to crash.

Alex set about showing them another nearby hotel with high standards in the same price range. Julian more or less dismissed the hotel as being too posh and he didn't want posh people at his hotel only old it seems. Also he was did not take the advice by their hotel management that the tariff was unwieldy. Alex explained to him that once the old people had passed on (no joke) his business was doomed unless he got new blood. She also commented that he had not taken on board the tariff suggestion to make it more sensible reading. It was obvious the wife was on board with Alex and the Pecks next job was to de-clutter the irrelevant objects seen by the guests whilst Alexi's team spruced up some of the rooms to make it clean and fresh. Surprisingly Julian thought it was marvellous and it seemed him and his wife were on their way to better things. His wife then put her foot down and said she needed mini breaks from cooking and next a panned shoot to see them bike riding along the seafront.

Next the ultimate test of inviting people including the great travel expert #SimonCalder to inspect the hotel. Alex slyly took a poll with the guests regarding the crazy tariff and even Simon Calder was amazed at the intrigue pricing. Of course, Julian was out voted but did he change? No a step to far on this occasion.

My assessment of Alex on Fieldhead was spot on and they hopefully realised that the place needed bringing into the modern world and that they needed a life with themselves and their children.

My conclusion, when we stayed was the same the Fieldhead hotel it was dated with rose wallpaper and candy stripes and yes the lounge was a bit like an old peoples home and it does need a full make over but Julian was an excellent friendly committed host and nothing was too much trouble. The only part I did not like was the travelling up the steep hill to the hotel and limited car spaces but if you want great views overlooking Looe you have to compromise. Would I stay again - at the hotel Yes and although I did love Looe it is a bit off the beaten track so it would not be my first choice.

Final result Julian and family have now sold the hotel so perhaps the writing was already on the wall.

The Fieldhead Hotel, Portuan Road, Hannafore, Looe, PL13 2DR

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