TV review 26th December 2020

#RoyalAntiquesRevived #VictoriaCorenMitchell now I do like her but she should stop doing these funny segways that she thinks are hilarious whilst having that smarmy look on her face. I have reported this several times when I've been reviewing #OnlyConnect. Perhaps she has been mixing too closely to a comedian maybe one of David's mates. Once we get over our broken ribs it turns into a good programme. A property developer has bought HM the Queen Mother's Humber car NGS21. Next we see it being overhauled by a Humber enthusiast. He believes the car is not royal due to the interior fittings and lack of window blinds. Rootes confirm that the car was never commissioned by the royals and Victoria gives the owner the bad news. Victoria saying it looks fit for a Queen is probably rubbing salt into the wound.

Next we have a George IV piano but this has provenance with a log showing it was later owned by Queen Victoria before eventually being put up for sale at auction and bought by Nigel. This is then passed onto a restorer in Rye. But they find that certain parts are not true e.g. the lyre and hence some work is passed on a lady whose family have being using tools for hundreds of years including a donkey saw used by them on the Titanic. The lyre is returned to the restorers and after over a hundred hours it is coming back to life. Finally the lyre is attached and with the piano totally restored it is shown of at The Royal Pavilion, Brighton.

Then we have Louis XVs famous roll desk which was copied by an English aristocrat and a copy is kept in the Wallace Collection. This has to be dismantled with 2,000 parts and shows the previous resorts mark of 1738. Finally restored and reassembled it looks so grand.

Great show Victoria minus the start and I'm not joking.*7

#HisDarkMaterials final episode 7/7. Really looking forward to the finale but it's just a poor ending to series 2 so that they can keep you on a string for series 3 Very poor and I feel scammed *2 for the acting. *0 to the moneymakers.

#MarkLawsonTalkstoDameDianaRigg #MarkLawson to me is a god. He has that way of interviewing people in such a cool way and his voice is on par with #DavidAttenborough. Here he is interviewing #DianaRigg who is probably known as being a woman on substance. Lawson has this charming way of getting the best out of people he interviews and it is obvious he does his research and format ask silly repetitive questions. He lols Dame Diana into a free and easy discussion as if they were brother and sister. She responses by give truthful answers "I was rubbish in this, I was rubbish in that" #LaurenceOlivier said this about me. #GeorgeLazenbys was a nightmare diva. A delightful interview from both experts in their field. *9

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