TV review cancelled

Apologies, no review this week unfortunately a long review got lost between a Gdoc being saved as a Word. Doc. Lost forever.


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TV review w/e 21st November

After last week's disaster of losing a lengthy review I have narrowed it down to binge watching just two series. #HisDarkMaterials the second series started to show on Sunday and I had not even watche

TV review w/e 7th November

#PlacesUnderTheSun on London Live is filmed in 2004 some 16 years old. It's nice to see but is there any point.*3 #TheGadgetShow it is such a great show with banter from start to finish from the four

TV review w/e 31st October

#Collateral Very interesting and intriguing four parter plus a brilliant cast. DI Kip Glaspie #CareyMulligan plays the kids of death defective who is always chasing after the event or murder. Initiall

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