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I have watched two episodes of the new series and frankly I am happy that I hadn't seen any more - yes I'm bucking the trend of the nation. It just seems to have so many implausible situations. I had already been told now that peaky blinders come from Birmingham and as far as I'm concerned there wasn't many Birmingham accents around most of the main characters were played by cockneys or well spoken actors. Not a Lenny Henry's from Dudley, Frank Skinner accent to be heard. I was also told that peaky blinders were mainly very young kids up to teenage level and there were no razor blades in the actual hats themselves.

The first episode you see Cillian Murphy going into a telephone kiosk which was 1929 when they brought out the new telephone box but this telephone was in the middle of some field, totally bizarre to me. The main character Tommy played by Cillian Murphy is a cocky leader where everybody is scared of him and he's very arrogant now having become an MP and he seems to dismiss everybody especially those in the highest authority including a new character Edward Mosley of the brown shirt brigade. But I find probably the most bizarre situation is they seem to be walking around with Tommy guns as per the Chicago style. A reporter that Cillian has found out his is queer, as he puts it. Is causing a few problems as he knew Cilian in his Birmingham days and is probably going to cause further problems so two of Tommy's guys with tommy guns go into a lobby and as the reporter is in the lift gun him down. The next part shows the Billy boys crucifying a guy on a cross and this guy then being shot in the head after being badly beat up. The next thing is that you see see a scarecrow on a massive cross and Cillian starts walking towards it and realises there are freshly planted landmines underneath the earth he shoots with his tommy gun and somewhere in his pocket I presume, he seems to have a refill and dispensers more bullets to blow up the devices. I didn't honestly know that in 1929 there were so many gangland killings that weren't reported and that tommy guns were so readyily available. Also everybody seems to hate everybody else even more than in EastEnders.

I may watch some more episodes to try and get a fair image but at present I am regarding it more for comic entertainment and have already deleted the series link.

Happy viewing

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