TV review w/e 12th December 2020

#ThetruthaboutAmazon Part 2 fascinating series last week in the first of the series it shows you exactly how #Amazon can manipulate you into buying quickly and perhaps not at the best price. They mention that they are ruthless and don't pay a large amount of tax. #Bezo the richest man in the world with 155 billion started as a book seller in his garage and didn't make a profit for three years.In this part it shows you that books are a small part now and Amazon Web Service #AWS is its big seller supplying web services to major web users. There 'second to market' strategy has progressed but probably there greatest idea was to conquer their main competitor eBay. The Next day shipping blew #eBay out of the water and although eBay had now started to sell new items they are still far behind next day shipping by Amazon as they rely on the seller shipping the items.

Amazon also appear to use third party sellers to make their own similar goods.

Online food shopping also showed questions on delivery and hygiene.

Amazon #GetsCrafty is another section where they are stepping on the toes of #Etsy and started #Handmade.

Next the programme searched on Amazon for Phillips bulbs but the top search showed Amazon's own bulbs nearly 50p dearer!

Next Influencer are allowed to have their own shops and they promote Amazon products. Amazon also sell on #TikTok.

#AmazonCare & #AmazonPharmacy are also starting up.

But probably the most interesting part and reading between the lines, is that there are several ex executives on the series. Obviously they were on vast salaries but have left the organisation and come on the programme to air their views. Have they had a moral dilemma? *9

#TheHomeICan'tAfford a sad tale of people being able to step on the property ladder normally with part buy part rent and then being hit with increasing management charges and no hope of escape. *8

I was going to review #Condor as the first series was excellent but I am wading through the second series like treacle and at the moment it can only be rated *4

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