TV review w/e 17 the October

#Us a weird mini tv series. A husband, wife and teen-ager. The wife #SaskinReeves wants to finish their long term marriage for no major reason apart from its past its sell by date. #TomHollander doesn't and he wants one big happy family. He is making one final stand and has arranged for the three of them to go on a touring holiday. He promises to be the great Dad but he Douglas keeps on moaning or picking holes in his son brilliantly played by Tom Taylor as Albie. Now Albie is a keen photographer but is constantly put down by his Dad - don't you want to get a proper career, why is he talking a photo of his foot. After a situation where Albie tried to protect a girl and is then ridiculed by his father in front of the restaurant crowd Albir decides to go his own way and his wife Connie tells Douglas says this isn't working and returns home to the UK. Yet again Douglas is in the dog house and tries to find Albie via various European cities. He eventually catches up with Albie who still wants to be alone but does take Dad under his wing and they dance the night away. Dad realises that night the his son is gay and they head off to Stiges for sun and sea but whilst swimming Douglas gets stunk by jelly fish. He goes back to the hotel and promptly had a heart attack. The wife does then come out and they all become one big happy family. Later Albie goes off again and eventually you see the trio in Albie's new university room and they say good bye to their only son. Both cry in the car and the next they are packing for a new venture. Unfortunately Douglas in packing in boxes marked D and Connie in C box. Douglas doesn't want her to go but Connie is determined and they part. So the outcome was a bit unexpected but there was no really understanding why Connie was so adamant about leaving but I suppose if you got to go you've got to go. *7

#ThirdDay #JudeLaw hasn't been seen for quite some time but the story is going on very strongly. Yes it is a bit slow in places but there are more twists and turns. Last week you saw a lady and her two children being refused entry to her pre-booked cottage and she thinks it is a racist slur. She eventually begged another hotelier to let her stay although he was scared of the locals. Yep, they miss the tide and hence the coastal road was submerged so they have to stay the night. Next episode we saw the American who bedded Jude Law aka Sam crying in pain, her baby was breached but in comes the black lady who just happens to be a vet and turns the baby. Inbetween there are weird goings on. Eventually the baby is born and the lady tells the vet that it is her third child but not by her husband but a one night stand with a guy called Sam - the vet's husband! Dom,dom,dom. *9

#BraveNewWorld #AudousHuxley's novel. Utopia is probably not the right word to say about this series it is more #UpstairsDownstairs or Them and Us. The Uppers live in #NewLondon and for a treat go to the #Savageland to experience a bit of rough. However the Savagelanders are rebelling but one of them John the Savage helps the New Londoners escape and they all cross back over together. He discovers The New London mob are the ones in the ivory tower and there is a hierarchical presence some Alpha's others Beta's etc, etc. Everyone is dressed the same more or less and the higher ups are pill popping and also dish out happy pills to aid the minions. But the lower class are robotic. When tested John appears to be a higher Alpha because unknown to him he is the Directors son. The Director had wondered why John's mother was getting larger but mother's weren't permitted in #Utopia so he abandon her in the Savageland. John's Mother dies on the journey back to New London and when John confronts his Dad they fight and Daddy falls off the cliff.

Next we see how John is not confirming to the establishment and how he is influencing others around him from the tailor to the lowest of the low. Next he teaches the counsellor how to box and he punches the new director. The crowd go wild as this is probably the first usual situation for many years and has changed their world from routine boredom to excitement. John the Savage has arrived to change Utopia for the better or for the worse?

Now upto Episode 6 with three more to go but so far *9

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