TV review w/e 21st November

After last week's disaster of losing a lengthy review I have narrowed it down to binge watching just two series.

#HisDarkMaterials the second series started to show on Sunday and I had not even watched the first lot. So a few long nights were spent watching this delightful mixture of suspense, kindness, intrigue, cruelty and sadness. Lyra is the main character brilliantly played by the young #DafneKeen #RuthWatson plays the lovely Marisa until we find out that she is kidnapping children to experiment on them which normally relates in death. Lyras uncle Lord Asriel #JamesMcAvoy is the explorer but he is also looking for children to experiment on and kill. So Lyra thinks initially they are both nice until she realises that they are not such good guys. Then she is told that she is the daughter of her uncle the Lord but that Marisa is also her mother Lyra realise that both her Mum and Dad are evil. So full of surprises and Dafne is so good that you are with her all the way. Another child Will joins Lyra towards the end but they both come into his own in Series two which I will report later. *9

#SchittsCreek is another binge case but each episode is only 21 minutes long so no major hardship. It is more a situation comedy so not many laugh out loud parts but if you want a quick enjoyable programme or three then this is it. Now the programme features #DanielLevy and is written jointly with his son then if you look closely at the titles, there is his daughter and about another three Levy's which probably means the live on their own island with the royalties it is bringing them. The show starts with them as a very rich spoilt family swindled and kicked out of their family mansion. There only asset is a run down town called Schitts Creek and they have to live in two rooms in a crumbling motel. The Rose family find it hard to adjust to the leaky ceiling and uncouth people especially the mayor who has some disgusting habits. The husband has to work at the motel. The selfish wife a previous actress joins the council. The spoilt daughter is in a world of her own but is looking for love and finds that with the vet but then she loses him. But the best is Dave who swings several ways. He has a sort of affair with the motel manager Stevie (a hard core woman) but it's more in love with a man and they set up a posh boutique style shop in this low class crazy town. It is a pleasant series with no really sad bits so good injection of fun all round. *8

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