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On my Instagram account Master of Nunn I decided to set a competition by taking a thermal image photograph of the Royal Observatory and asking Where is this? with a prize of lunch or a dinner date. I was inundated with just one reply from the Instagram account of alternativeageing. We decided on lunching at The Ivy, Brighton and I was duly waiting outside on a nice sunny day. Obviously alternativeageing's profile, posts and videos gave me a good idea to the appearance of the winner and I soon spotted a colourful lady walking towards me but the major clue was that she was videoing as she was walking and within seconds I was also in the video.

It was obvious as we entered The Ivy that alternativeageing aka Suzi Grant is a well known and valued customer and with many smiles from the staff we were shown to our table. Now they say that first impressions are lasting and apart from Suzie's beautiful dress sense, her bubbly personality immediately engulfed me and we were probably already on our third conversation before we had even sat down.

Just to give you some background Suzie is on most platforms including a website, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Obviously alternativeaging is on Instagram and with 23k followers she is a well established influencer. We both spoke at 500 w.p.m. as her busy life would only give us just over an hour to chat. Chat we did, firstly about social media and how much hard work is involved but we also had so much more in common i.e. needing the radio to get us to sleep, yoga, photography, music, technology, architecture, property, nutrition and the media ( Suzie has worked in media & journalism before retiring for a little while and then being encouraged into blogging which she now loves). We ordered some prosecco with lunch and continued our conversation. Now we are both regular visitors to several different Ivy restaurants so we were not disappointed but due to the time restraints Suzie had two starters and I had the Chicken Milanese for a main. Very nice, tasty and well presented but

all to quickly our lunch was over and Suzie had to rush off to a hair appointment.

Fascinating, engaging lady and with so many more stories to tell we decided to meet up again in London for Part 2 but due to Suzie/Alternativeageing schedule that will have to wait.

To be continued……

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