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  • Leonardslee Gardens Garden Review 10th July 2019 Postcode :- Admission :- £12.50 Parking :- Ample Leonardslee is a garden I visited probably twenty years ago. The next time I tried to visit it was a flooded area and no access to the gardens. Then it went into disrepair until this year when hard work and money has managed to bring this garden back into the living. Going to Leonardslee Gardens was fairly simple A23 Handcross turn off and follow the signs towards Nyman Gardens then Leonardslee Gardens. Parking was easy on hard ground and entry was £12.50 Credit cards only but they do have facilities for cash cards. The gardens themselves are extremely well sign posted and along with a detailed map make this trip pleasurable. The Camellia grove, Azalea, Rhododendrons are now oout of season for flowering so the first stop was to see the wallabies. The Deer park was closed off so no stags to see here. Then onto the Lakeside Walk this consisted of six pond Clapper, Leucothoe, Middle, Eugene, Waterfall and a New Pond yet to be named. The Middle pond is also connected to the Mossy Ghyll pond and stream. Whilst walking along the Lakeside route you are followed by several deep red butterflies fluttering around the gravel paths. There are several paths you can take so you can get off the beaten track. These are littered with but several wooden seats, so you can sit & rest every fifty yards or so rather than be on a route march. The paths, fences, handrails etc are all well maintained as expected on a newish site. OK mainly ericaceous plants and evergreens with some ferns, conifers and bamboos but if you want a quiet woodland walk with plenty of places to escape then this is your dream, especially in the main following season. There are also other interests, the vineyard with wine tasting, wallabies, deer park, dolls house museum and a very nice restaurant so you can spend many hours in this beautiful garden either socialising or in meditation.

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