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At Victoria station had several beers in Soho so naturally I feel hunger and there is the temptation Simple Food, Macdonald's , Cornwall pasties, Upper Crust etc, etc. The train is delayed but if I can get on that train thet empation is out of harms way and I have at least 50 minutes before I can reach food and if lucky I will be too tired and go to bed again therefore being out of temptation. The blog has helped me because will I write this I will not be tempted to visit an eaterie. Good News the delayed train is platform 4 and the carriage cell and walk home will stop the hunger for at least an hour. #howtodiet #temptation #m&s #m&ssimplyfood #macdonalds #uppercrust #foodofcornwall #pasty #pizzaexpress #wetherspoons #victoriastation

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