It's me, I'm Master of Nunn, I'm here again.

The previous post was talking about the #Brontësisters & #theapothcary well this is the inside of this amazing shop where they still sell items such as soap, razors, different remedies, bath salts by the measure along with several other goodies. It is truly going back in time and if you go to #haworth it is worth climbing the cobbled high st stopping on the way at the various tea shops or the bakery serving numerous cakes, buns, pastries and the local Tyke. We went to the Old White Lion for their quiz night - £1 per entry which included sandwiches, chips & a raffle whereby we won a box of chocolates. This was the anniversary of their 12th year running the quiz and although we didn't win any prizes for our feeble attempt, the point of Gooseeye made up for it. Next night the #fleeceinn had our company where they served an excellent meal whereby you could mix and match i.e. choose your meat or fish then bun, potatoes then sauces!

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