It's me, I'm Master of Nunn, I've come home

Well it's not me, I'm not #katebush singing #Wutheringheights and I'm not #Heathcliffe and I hadn't come home to #Yorkshire or #Brontë country but I recently stayed in #Haworth for two days at the #apothcary guest house next to #cabinetofcuriosities which is the original Apothecary and still has the original invoices of some of the purchases. Obviously the town has beautiful shops, pubs and inns along with quaint houses but beyond the charm you still feel as though you have been transported back to the Brontë times when the graveyards ws fiull with children whose average age was 6 or their parents whose average age was normally no greater than 25. A walk along the Moors to the waterfall and withins where Charlotte got her inspiration for Wuthering heights gives you a feeling of the bleak conditions and this was only April.

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