Sunday Gardening

A great week for gardening during lockdown. If you look at my Instagram account you will see that I not only posted this Mock Orange but also Pyracantha, Clematis and Passion flowers. Apart from the Mock Orange which is fading, all the other three are blossoming. The Clematis and Passion flower will go on for some time and both are quiet vigorous. The Pyracantha tiny flowers will be followed by berries. I have different varieties of Pyracantha and I think this is the Firethorn so red berries but I also have Orange Glow.

#GardenersWorld on Friday showed it's usual standard and one of the Jobs for the Week was to do the Chelsea Crop and I thought I might have missed it this year at least.

Don't forget to listen to your radio #SundayGardening programmes mines on #RadioKent. Also #GardenersQuestionTime #Radio4 or the Home Service!

See you next week.

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