Sunday Gardening

I'm watching Gardeners World and they are showing a guy that had made a lovely garden in Canada which shows a steep hill that they have made into a meadow. But do you feel like I do What the point? I wouldn't be going to live in Canada so although nice let's get back to UK which can still show millions of relevant gardens. I used to watch #GardenForce in the USA and it left me cold. Later they showed #DollyCharles from Jamaica that has made a garden based on her memories and Gran. She filled it with local plants. Now I'm interested in this garden because it is planted in local soil. Wales in this case. Beautiful.

What do you think?

I have to say on #GardenersWorld I loved the article by #MarkLane who is wheelchair bound but showed you what paths are best, a great tool carrier and what tools to carry. He showed you how to use a grabber to get his roses for dead heading, light cutters for more pruning. Then he showed raised beds which were three sleepers high so that he could easily tender his plants. He is an inspiration to all - Respect.

My garden has produced blueberries in its second year. The first year I are one sour berry and blamed the yield on the birds. But this year I have several clusters of one of my favourite fruits. You have to plant in ericaceous soil filled pots and try to get the evergreen variety of you can.

My main job this week is to deadhead the Buddleia to keep the butterflies a coming.

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