Bank holiday Mod day

It was a great day. We traveled the 55 or so miles to Brighton arriving at 8.30. Parking on the main drag near Hove we had to wait for the cafe to open before we could tuck into our breakfast. Then it was a stroll towards the pier. There was an amazing amount of activity as we walked along the promenade you would see hundreds of people running and doing their early morning daily jog before the sun starts getting too hot then you had the swimmers and what I thought was most funny several people would be just wearing towelling dressing gowns and flip flops going down to the beach having their dip then obviously going back for a nice healthy breakfast. Many of the cafe still were not open but the ones nearer to the pier had used the good enterprise to serve anything from fresh fish to sausage baps and it was still early.

At the pier I saw my first band of miss on scooters about six guys navigating the pier roundabout and going to the east side. We ventured the same way and were confronted by about fifty gleaming scooters with most of their passengers under the Volks shelter enjoying a chat over some food and drink. The Lambrettas and Vespas were sight to be seen and you can see more on my Instagram site. The majority of the riders were also dressed in fine mod gear obviously the parkas had been taken off because it was very hot even at 9 in the morning but below the parkas they revealed some beautiful snazzy gear mainly Fred Perry style polo shirts, slacks or jeans and general mod attire. A local shop under the arches was blasting out ska.

We decided to get in the Volks electric train train to the marina for another drink. A short walk from the station called BlackRock we come across several restaurants including the Cafe Rouge where we sat down only to be told that there was a shortage of staff and our weight would be somewhere in the region of 40 minutes for a coke and a coffee.the guy on the next table just started laughing commented we could be here forever and straight away I recognise that it was the actor that played Frank Burnside commonly known as Chris Ellis. We got into a very interesting chat and start talking about different careers, football and general things, he is a great supporter of Brighton Albion football Club and some fans also started talking to him.

We returned to the station and with our return tickets went back to Brighton pier station where as soon as we got out there must have been at least 500 scooters just sitting there for us all to admire and admire we did.

Brighton always seems to have something going on Pride the week before, Bank holiday 1964 revival and I will probably come down to see the London to Brighton vintage car rally on the first Sunday in November. #brighton #quadrenphonia #thewho #rogerdaltry #petetownsend #johnentwhistle #keithmoon #smallfaces #madness #ska #fredperry #loafers #monkeyboots #mods #thejam #stylecouncil #keithweller #lambretta #vespa

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