Tunbridge Wells at Christmas

Tunbridge Wells always a pleasure to come to at Christmas. It seems to have that Dickens quality. I start at the Pantiles and feel that I am back in Victorian times. All the restaurants seem very inviting and the Christmas feel is starting.

A quick walk across the major road brings you into a lovely cobbled streets and a very interesting individual shop called Settle, on the other side is a great garden shop which I love visiting along with an always visit Oxfam book shop.

Next you walk up the hill which again is full of individual shops mainly high fashion, high interior, high restaurants in between are a few scattered food chains.

You are now walking close to Tunbridge Wells station but on the other corner is Hoopers one of the few remaining departmental type stores that still exists - well worth a visit.

Carry on further up the hill and you come to a small arcade, venture inside and you maybe lucky to see Radio Kent presenters performing live. Keep going on this stretch and there are further restaurants and shops. The Barn on the side of the railway station looks very christmasy. The other side has a large park currently entertaining the Christmas ice skaters.

You are now at the cross roads. On one corner there used to be the old cinema complex but this is now a building site. On the opposite corner is the theatre and if you carry on walking up the now slight hill there is the museum which is worth a visit just to see the Tunbridge wear.

Next you come to a T junction and a short walk will bring you to a Wetherspoons but this is the old Opera House and you should pop in for a pop. This particular block has many individual shops.

This leads to a pedestrianised area and then you enter the main shopping mall Two floors of shops including regulars M&S, Boots, Sports Direct, WH Smith but you also have another departmental shop Fenwick's which has shops within shops and a lovely restaurant that is my secret - oops, sorry I mean my favourite is Macdonald's in the large Food hall on the bottom floor.

I have probably missed several other mentions but you will agree that Tunbridge Wells odd with a visit.

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