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Updated: May 4, 2020

#GangsofLondon Series 1 Episode 1 brings in the money for #ColmMeaney who does not say a word and gets shot dead. As a Trek guy he should have beamed up. Anyway his son played by #JoeCole (ex Chelsea, West Ham & England- No) says to all the gangs in London that they're is no more dealing until they find Daddy's killer. Then from nowhere #SopeDirisu comes along and more or less fights eight men single handed and becomes mister popular with his son, rising above all the other rankers. What a friendly family. Then it is established that gypsy teen-agers were to blame. One is a gypsy leaders son the other is not so is chopped up. Enter Sope Dirisu again and has to fight the butcher and his chopper. The man is too strong for Sope but luckily he forces him onto his own blade. I make that 9-0. Episode 2 Dad is shown in earlier days toughening up his two sons with the blessing of his wife. Next they go after the gypsies and decimate their caravan site. Luckily I had already cancelled my booking to the site due to lockdown.

Yes, the series is OK but is moving a bit slow and the excessive violent is probably holding it together for some people but I'll rather wait for the next #Tarantino *5

#Flack I have already raved about some of the episodes but went the full hog and downloaded the full series. Robyn #annapaquin is snorting too much. Eve #lydiawilson is getting fed up with her billionaire trying to own her. #SophieOkonedo CBE is Caroline but slightly subdued whilst attending her ex husband's funeral (#SamNeill). As mentioned, these are the Queen of Bitches but enter #DoonMackichan playing Eve's mum.You can see where Eve gets her sharp tongue but Eve eventually gets even by putting drugs into the champagne and watching the carnage. Caroline also had some excellent lines (along with Robyn ha ha) at the funeral but to me the star of the show is little Melody excellently played by #RebeccaBenson. Melody has been re hired by Eve after being fired and she proceeds her with and gets her own client! I won't give away the ending but Melody is fired again only to be rescued by Eve. This is an unbelievable series with great scripts and (sorry) lines. Hopefully, we can look forward to a new series No.3. *10 #CruisingtheSouthPacific with #JaneMcDonald a fun loving girl with a natural friendly attitude. Jane is in New Zealand and joins a coach tour of one of the castle and tries to play the bag pipes. Back in board JM tries wine tasting - for the first time??? Next she goes to Christchurch on the South coast but unfortunately wears thermals and in her own words is sweating then changes it to glowing. What a lady. Well worth a series link. *7

#KirstieAllsopp programme #KeepCraftingandCarryOn is a must for parents and children during lockdown. Like Jane McDonald she has a natural flow and during this show she talks whilst completing some complex skills. Kirstie is not afraid to say it's difficult or she has made a mistake and this helps make the programme. They also show some outside broadcasting of other parents crafting away. I particularly like the Allsopp hand made loom where she makes a weaving kit with cardboard, pencil and chopstick.*7

#KillingEve S3/ep3 am I getting a bit complacent with watching Killing Eve. I am waiting for the killings, humour and intrigue all of which were in series one and two but with a lot more gusto. Obviously you can't have Killing Eve without Eve killing but using a sharpened tuning fork from a distance does not seem to surprise me anymore. Also when Eve is on a police bike and flashes for your car to stop I would have thought that Fiona Shaw might have had an inkling that it was not Dixon of Fuck Green getting off the bike especially when she comes round to the passenger side and not the drivers side! Then she aims at Fiona and next you see blood on her face but subconsciously feel that she is not dead and sure enough the accountant in the back seat is dead. Message, do not fiddle your travel expenses. Yes, it is still one of those programmes I can't wait to see but it needs a bit more peppering up. #SandraOh #JodieComer #FionaShaw are all excellent and you are never sure (no pun intended) what next is going to happen but you feel it won't be as exciting as Series One. *7

#Doctors still virus free. I'm moving to Letherbridge *4

#FatherBrown played by #MarkWilliams is one of the better programmes on afternoon TV. Mark is most of the show and is the expert sleuth that constantly betters the constabulary in solving the various murders. Perhaps they should investigate the Father as he is involved in more deaths than in his own church graveyard. The great #KennethMore also played Father Brown but I believe Mark has that extra charm."your do nicely Sir" *7

#MisterWinner or should I say Miss a winner because this isn't a winner by any stretch. Last week I stumbled on 5/6 but put it on series link so 6/6 was on my Sky so I thought, give it a second chance. If it was not for #ShaunWilliamson being in it I would have said it was a drama then I realised he was in #EastEnders. The best part was recognising his aunty who was in Doctors as the residential vicar earlier on today. I think I also recognised where he got his finger stuck in the castle.It might have been #LullingstoneCastle home of #GuyHartDyke now his funny. Funnier than everybody saying that his finger is caught in a Tudor gate house not a castle. Ho ho. *4

#PeterKay #ComedyShuffle compare that to the above, no contest. A natural comedian *8

#FridayNightDinner 6/6 The two girlfriend eventually meet Mum #tasmingreig but Dad has dropped glass in the soup. The five of them skirt around the fact that there is broken glass in the soup rather than tell Mum who is just about to taste it. Too silly for words so I deleted the rest of the programme. RIP Friday Night Dinner - hopefully *1 I never delete half way through a programme.

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