TV review 26th September 2020

#TheThirdDay part 2 #JudeLaw plays Sam whose 6 year old child was killed by an asylum seeker. Every wear on the anniversary of the killing he goes to the place and puts a piece of clothing in the sea. Next he witnesses a young girl being hanged. He saves her and takes her back to where she lives an island across the causeway. But when at the island he meets some friendly but strange people. Also there is no communication as the lines are down, the return boat crashed into the jetty and everyone he tries to return it doesn't happen. This is pretty close to the cult film #TheWickerMan with pagan rituals and people dressed in masks. Jude Law is very convincing as the wimpy dad and you feel as though you are as one and want to get off the island. However, we also have the problem that Sam keeps on having rages and coming in and out of dreams so we don't know what is true and what is false.

Not so convincing are the landlord (referred by his wife as shithead) and landlady #emilywatson of the pub but could this be a plot to make us think they are involved in this madness. They are defiantly weird and the landlord #paddyconsidine puts Sam in room one already occupied by an American called Jess. The landlord also appears to control the village of the island.

Next Sam has a chance to get off the island and is half way across the causeway when his mobile pings with several messages and he replies to one then returns to the island for the pagan festivities.

Final scene Sam & Jess drop acid so what is real and what is fantasy will have to wait until next week*8

#OnlyConnect is back. I love this programme. #VictoriaCorenMitchell brings a weird life into this programme compared to the starchy #JeremyPlaxman ('don't you know **** is ****, you dimwitted student') on #UniversityChallenge. Both half hour programmes but the difference is like chalk & cheese. However, if on answering the questions Only Connect 0 University Challenge 3. Entrainment wise Only Connect wind hands down *7.

#Pointless I heard someone say on the radio the other day that they preferred #RichardOsman #HouseofGames I can see both sides of this argument and it is down to the presenters relationship with the contenders. In Pointless #Armstrong and #Osman do most of the talking and vice versa with the celebrities being very competitive with Osman taking a backseat of no boring part as the questionnaire. Personally, I got bored with the Pointless format over the years. However, they have introduced an extra Find the Pointless round just for fun so totally pointless! However, it is easy watching and I have the tendency to switch on at 5.30 just in time for the picture quiz part. House of Games is not so easy watching and you are competing with the celebrities before they hit the buzzer so you haven't got the time to get the answer. Also some celebrities are not evenly matched so it becomes embarrassing.

Pointless *7

Osman "3

#DevonAndCornwall another relaxing programme to give you escapism. Obviously the beauty of both Devon and Cornwall can be seen for a distance in this hour long programme. This time we had the Isles of Scilly just 28 miles off Land End and the story of a thriving vineyard during the summer and building an observatory when not busy. You also had the father & son starting a mussel farm obviously underwater but what I didn't know is that they grow three times the size in the sea.

Then you had the fossil hunter finding more fossils. Great programme with cream on top of is it jam? *8

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