TV review 8th August

#FACup no repeat here just a good old ding dong between two of the greatest FA teams Arsenal & Chelsea. An excellent match with many surprises good and bad.

#WorldSnooker another live event which will be enjoyed by the viewers.

#Goodwood races not the revival but the #horseracing was shown

#England v #Ireland #cricket which England keep on playing the way they did against #WestIndies will win.

What have these all got in common. Yes, it's sport we may not have the crowds but this is to the advantage of the viewers because they the tv companies have to fill the slots and can't fill them with repeats all of the time.*10

Talking of repeats though I have been reminded nearly every day about renewing my TV licence. No details of compensation for a sub standard service.*0

#EscapeToGreece a lovely little programme showing people looking to Greece for their dream life. Yes's and No's mainly due to the famous bureaucracy of the Greeks. Lovely beauty spots showing Corfu, Crete etc surrounded by those beautiful blue seas.*7

#JaneMcDonald is fast becoming one of my favourite presenters wherever she maybe cruising. She is the girl next door not afraid to say what she thinks or does. Oh you don't want to see me without my make up but we do and she does. Constantly looking at the camera showing her feeling especially when she was freezing in Iceland last week when walking to the lakes then the thumbs up when she entered the hot water. She is bubbly and natural a true entertainer.*10

#PeterKay in #CarShare Friday night was the last in the repeat of this series but I had to see this genius at work again. Especially like his reaction when his car door was ripped off *9

Watched a couple of #GardenersWorld back to back. I think it would be better to go back to an half hour format rather than show half the programme as repeats of previous episodes.*4

#TheDeceived a four parter Monday to Thursday. Is it the husband, wife, mother in law, friend, psychic, someone else or even a ghost or ghosts I have no clue going into the fourth part.*8 so far

Part 4 will it be good or a silly ending. A silly ending and too fast *6

But there maybe a second series. I don't want to give away the characters or plot.

#BargainHunt challenge was agricultural picked by #PhilSerrel a farmer's son who bought it as a mole spade but the auctioneer said it was a bread peel so it was disqualified. Profit was £32. Lost by the Reds.

What a load of nonsense. The reds bought it in good faith with their expert but having a challenge is nonsense anyway and distracts them from buying what they want not what the presenter wants. I agree that you should have items over £75 to make it competitive not challenges. The team find it hard enough to find three items in an hour anyway let alone look for an unusual item that may not be at the fair anyway! Needless to say the reds lost money but at the end of Bargain Hunt they now huddle around a tablet to see the expert buys and the red team won - karma. However #Raskinsharp dress sense does not improve. *3.

#SemiDetached I love the quick witted #LeeMack in everything but not this. The is a depressing comedy. We all love Lee and his one liners but here he doesn't have that kind of opportunity. Here he is just a pathetic man prayed upon by all his neighbours, wife, ex wife, her husband, brother & dad. Pathetic *3

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