TV review ends early TV broke!

A week of repeats but still enjoyable although they could put the episodes in order, see below

#NotGoingOut If you want cheering up then this programme with its one gag + a minute attitude is not to be missed. Yes, you can see some jokes miles ahead and even Lee Mack sometimes doesn't lower himself to the obvious but sometimes does. My star is Daisy who Lee has probably given the best lines to during the series. But they all have great lines for a half hour of fun. I watched the marriage of Lee & Lucy and then the next episode was the married couple and their three kids (see what I mean by timing). Obviously Lee doesn't let the grass grow under his clogs. Very funny *9

#FoylesWar was another example and Sam went from Foyles driver to getting married. Also I was never sure if Foyle was still in the police force or not. Foyle played by #MartinKitchen

I am not a great fan of the two hour drama but this is gripping and you are never certain of the killer. Brilliantly written by Anthony Horowitz of #Skullduggery series of books and lately the James Bond films.*8

#YourMoneyOrYourLife is a snappy consumer programme headed by #KymMarsh & #MattAllbright with useful tips from the likes of #AngelaRippon #GloriaHunniford & Dave the bank.

A daily programme that is helping people know their rights during lockdown. I have found some very interesting information on this site and they present it in a light hearted manner. *8

#HomesUnderTheHammer is another daily programme but I am starting to see repeats on repeats. Even #LucyAlexander is appearing in some shows and she left about five years ago.*5

#PlaceInTheSun is another daily programme that I enjoy watching but again repeats on repeats. I just love to see the sand, sea & beaches knowing I'm not going to see that country for some time. I then great excited by the fact that I can buy a villa in Spain for £70k only to find it was filmed 15 years ago and the sleepy fishing village is now more like Benidorm. *4

#TheBiddingRoom is daily, new & fresh. It is fronted by #NigelHavers with his cheeky grin. Nigel along with a valuer analysis an article brought in by a member of the public and then it is shown to five expert bidders to agree a price with the seller. Not taken too seriously the five bidders have good banter between themselves. It is quite refreshing to see this programme bobbing along in half an hour and comparing it to bargain hunt, flog it etc which seem to be dragged along. *9

#TheLuminaries is a series that I am downloading and looks enjoyable.

I must admit that I get frustrated with Sky. One moment it says you cannot download in HD so it downloads in SD. Next I come across a French subtitled series called Union? and it is in HD and has SD format but I can not download despite watching the first episode. So I have had to delete and waste one hour plus.

But worse at 8.00 my TV started stuttering and no picture. The Samsung after only five months has decided I can't do any more TV reviews on him and he has resigned not even waiting for furlough.

#VeraLynn great to see the tributes this week for the lady of the war but as she would say We'll meet again ………

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