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#OnlyConnect - I like #VictoriaCorenMitchell in the role of quiz master whereby she is not just a pretty face but she's extremely intelligent in knowing answers in detail and also being able to give additional information to assist the viewers. However, when she opens her eyes wide to give a convoluted joke and then put a little smirk on her face like #SuePerkins "yes, I've told a fantastic joke aren't I clever". Well although initially I was amused by such antics in the earlier series I know find it irritating and quite smarmy. I suggest that she has a bit of pillow talk with #DavidMitchell her comedian husband who should tell her to leave the jokes to the professionals. 3*

Talking of irritating females I have just watched #Liar series 2 and find the main detective over the top and cocky in every aspect. 2*

Worth watching is the re-runs of Terry and Masons #GreatFoodTrip whereby #TerryWogan is transported around the country by #Mason the taxi driver whilst they both sampling the local cuisine. This is one of the best natural double acts you could hope to meet. Sad that there is no further series. RIP Terry. 8*

#ThisCountry is another double act of #Kurtan and #Kerry. Again this is a natural double act because I have seen both of them on chat shows where their humour shines. In this espiode you have the added bonus of the mad mental women who scares the whole village. Be prepared for nonsense and swearing. 7*

#Googlebox is again entertaining and they showed Liar, #FirstDates with a major surprise, #AntiquesRoadshow, along with #Netflix's #TheStranger and #LoveisBlind (another surprise). Between the #Gogglers, Malone's dog Dave attacked Dad's cat shirt. We also find out that Jenny from #Hull had a crush on Ray. But have you noticed the props - the brother and sister pair seem to have a different large cup every time and the #Malone's have totally different cakes or biscuits on the table which would put the bakery to shame. 7*

#TheSplit had its usual drama and humour but everybody has issues and it seems the wrong industry to work in - I fought the law and the law won.

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