TV review w/e 11th April

Some funny situations this week

#GardenersWorld in its new half hour slot seems to go very quickly. This week we have #AdamFrost who I have actually been on a garden design course, with one other person. Adam was a keen apprentice to my favourite gardener #GeoffHamilton. Here he shows us his own garden and how it was under water during last year but a nice layer of mulch starts to help. Next we have #RacheldeThame talking about Geoff Hamilton and his idea for showing peas in a plastic guttering. Next amazing daffodil growers winning prizes then Adam adds Allium Violet Beauty to his lawn daffodils. Finally jobs for the weekend. *8

Just watched the film #PlanetoftheApes I don't know about you but my imagination runs wild and I find it quite scary compared to the American TV series which I loved. You may find #Donkey has changed since his role in #Shrek .*8

#Breeders had a surprise with the fatal road accident of the dad who was trying to rectify himself by buying a new gerbil. The bigger surprise was the reaction of his daughter who was suddenly a real bitch on heat. #MichaelMcKean played the annoying penniless Dad who it seems Ally (#DaisyHaggard ) was pleased to get rid of and continue uninterrupted sex. *8

#FridayNightDinner I think has had its day. I have found the latest series just not funny compared to earlier shows. One episode Martin is obsessed with a plastic bag in the tree and Jim (#MarkHeap ) brings in a full cistern of excrement from the caravan and yes, drops it all over Jackie's dining room floor (pantomime stuff). No wonder #TasminGreig and #PaulRitter have jumped ship to #Belgravia Even #Wilson has been replaced by an overgrown poodle called #Milson which is not scary, which I thought was the whole point of Jim being scared of his dog. *2

I did watch a bit of Belgravia and it does seem to be a good drama with some excellent actors. Possible*8 once I watch more.

#Pointless 55/55 so I thought that I would watch the final episode of the series. It was one of my favourite programmes but I started to find it boring when #AlexanderArmstrong seemed to use the same script for every single programme. Joyly it up a bit AA - Great, Smashing. *5

And the final episode of #Liar 6/6 where we find out who the killer is! This is probably the best of the six as everything is pieced together or is it? I won't give the killer away but all I will say is that I would have thought that Forensics would have found at least one muddy footprint in the Deal mud flats. Just saying. *7

Doctors is great always a separate story and normally a sub plots within the Doctors. We have had some good stories Jimmi in prison them released, now Emma, violently assaulted by a gang of homophobic teen-agers. But and it's a big but, the Doctors have no patients with the coronavirus! Is it the midland water or magic pills of Leather bridge. *8

#Breeders I said to someone "watch this" and half way through I thought this is pretty boring. Then it went overboard. The shock actions from Ally #DaisyHaggard both in the church and on the train were priceless. Spoiler alert - the church scene showed Ally flipping and the silent church was suddenly filled with blue expletives. Then on a crowded train and next to the toilet in frustration her Dad's urn was chucked out of the window. Ashes to Ashes, Didcot to Reading.

Don't normally watch reruns but #TheTunnel is superb. This week a coach full of children is captured and they are held to ransom and will be executed if children's sweat shop around the world are not closed - gruesome but compelling.

Next week.......

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