TV review w/e 12th June

#KillingEve 8/8 The final episode of this heavily criticised series. I have watched all espiodes and have to agree that the storyline etc is well below par compared to series 1&2. This final part is no exception, it just doesn't get off the ground. Even the killing by Villanelle of a fellow Russia assassin at a London tube was poor with pleading by a supposedly hard agent. Dasha #HarrietWalter death was also poor. Then Carolyn #FionaShaw took revenge but didn't kill Constantin (her son's killer) and he just walked away with his reward. The only joy was the expressions on the face of Villanelle brilliantly played by #JodieComer. Paul #stevepemberton & Eve #SandraOh both seemed unconvincing and tired. I won't even mention only to say *3

#Doctors Ayesha had left and it seems she isn't coming back despite her romance with the office manager. A bit lack lustre hopefully better tomorrow.

I have been harping along about Doctors and not a sniff of a virus of any kind. It seems as we come out of lockdown Doctors is starting to go into it. Gobby Hollings phones to say she has trouble breathing 143/196 so a long way to go *4

Comedians during lockdown a fifteen minute or so of comedians including #VicReeves doing impressions - very funny #SaraPascoe with her dog doing yoga all very funny. *7

#MockTheWeek 1/13 #DaraOBriain and HughDennis return to examine the weeks events BUT it is two years ago. I was looking forward to seeing them remotely in their homes instead of hearing old Trump jokes about Korea etc *2 repeat so 4.

#WhatWeDoInTheShadows I have been waiting for this second series whilst the USA have the privilege of watching it first before the UK. Now this is the story of three normal run of the mill vampires, an energy vampire and a familiar i.e. a person who wants to be a vampire but is really just a servant to a vampire. Oh, I forgot to mention, it is a comedy. The three vampires are not the sharpest tools in the box or coffin and the familiar is always getting them out of various scrapes with no acknowledgment at all. Weird but funny at the same time. American based but has #MattBerry of #ITcrowd fame as one of the trio. Half an hour of harmless fun *8

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